ZOMBIES Call of the Dead: Ensemble Cast Multiplayer Achievement Easter Egg Completed How to Tutorial


ZOMBIES Call of the Dead: Ensemble Cast Multiplayer Achievement Easter Egg Completed How to Tutorial

How to total the Call of the Dead achievement / easter egg Ensemble Cast. —————————————————— The Dials: Go to the top of the lighthouse and set the dial to the number 2. Then go to the second floor of the lighthouse and alter that switch till the floor above, or the third floor is set to the quantity 7. Right after that alter the really bottom floor to the quantity 6. The next step is to alter the third floor until the second floor’s dial is set to the quantity four. Lastly head back up to the leading floor, which must now be set to the quantity 1. Alter it to the number two and that should do the trick. Radios: 1st – Below the power room. 2nd – Next to the Stamin-Up perk-a-cola. 3rd – About the MP40. 4th – Easter egg/original characters space. Manage Space: Turn the ship’s wheel to the five o’clock position. Pull the initial lever once, and the third lever 3 instances. Fog Horns: 1st – Far from the lighthouse, in the water. 2nd – Down the snow slide, near to the Speed Cola perk-a-cola. 3rd – Near to the lighthouse, against the easter egg/original characters room’s wall. 4th – Down the snow slide, far from the Speed Cola perk-a-cola. —————————————————— Walkthrough, Guide, Effortless to follow. How to get discover the Golden Rod. How to get the Wunderwaffe DG-two weapon in Black Ops Nazi Zombies. How to get discover the vodka bottle How to exactly where to locate the fuse How to do step 1, 2, three, four, five, 6, 7, 8, 9. How to Morse code submarine green
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  1. earl stein
    earl stein06-21-2012

    any one do this my gt is DrunkBabyMakers add and message me if you want too,

  2. PuRRi4

    If anyone wants to do this and other DLC zombie achievements add me, GT: PuRRiA

  3. moderndanny914

    do i have to do this i mulitplayer so i can do the moon one or can i do it solo?

  4. Anthorei69

    Looks long and complicated but good

  5. tim kg
    tim kg06-21-2012

    nice easter egg

  6. JPthekid

    I really need to do this easter eggs if you have ps3 and know these steps please add me and we will do this my psn is Perfectus_a7x

  7. halomaster599

    if anyone wants to do this and the moon one tgen add me on xbox GT: A BUCKET OF G

  8. AmNeZia434

    Ja ok

  9. FoodEatsUs10

    call of the dead in German Rufen der Toten


    Hey, I have xbox nd PS3, and I NEED HELP!
    Xbox: GenuinelyBadass
    PS3: metrius11

  11. Getbent1020

    i need help getting this achievement can someone help i just have trouble doing by myself add my Gt:Shiny Getbent

  12. GamingKidz1

    Thanks for that

  13. damnyou120

    34 people dont have black ops or the right number of brain cells to work this out

  14. nathan yockey
    nathan yockey06-21-2012

    i wish that you could let Richtophen, Demsi, Nikolia and Takeo out instead of the teleporting away

  15. xXxEiyokoxXx

    if you have the shangri-la one too

  16. HashimGOOFYGOOBER21

    After u do this Easter egg can u now do the 2nd part of the moon Easter egg?

  17. Innercircle54321

    Thanks perfect and easy walkthrough me and my friends thank u. Now time for moon…

  18. SubZeroWaffle

    How do you make a crawler on this map because whenever I try to do this easter egg the one zombie I left attacks me! Is there any way I can make him slower?

  19. ruinbronze1

    I did this a shorter way

  20. TheGeneduty98

    Do u cep it

  21. pat90tp

    GreenCareBear looking to do this and call of dead.. let me know xboxlive

  22. TheHaloCEfan

    wait youre bajan canadian?!
    do you still do MC vids?lol

  23. foueyedgamer1

    great video

  24. AwesomeSauceFilms

    – Lol I just do that in instructional videos.

  25. Jackell25

    Wow, Mitch used to be so boring and monotonous. 

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