XSplit Broadcaster: A Rapid Overview


  1. 2e0rdu1

    i activated chroma key, but i still cant use the video over the image, is there something i have missed on the video.
    any help would be appreciated

  2. LimeGreenTeknii

    Can you chroma key the webcam input?

  3. skyhighrim

    how can i stream my desktop? like when im alt-tab from a game and do some stuff on desktop that i want to show.

  4. Funkkii

    Great :3

  5. drago939393

    I think I got a reply from the uploader;
    You can!

  6. Funkkii

    I want to know also :3

  7. aeirex

    I prefer using Fraps because it is a one time fee to use, but this is still nice to use for live streaming. I think you will get many more sales if you make it a one-time fee, but that is just my opinion. Thanks for making such an excellent program and keeping a free restricted version. 🙂

  8. andyawio

    Is this available for Mac users also?

  9. drifer1234567

    help it says i cant create a file please help

  10. TheEPICskwock

    Thank you

  11. xsplitbroadcaster

    you can always use the screen capture function of XSplit if you are a non-licensed user.

  12. TheEPICskwock

    Is there amy way for me to record video games with the trial version? I tried doing it and it didn’t work. I don’t have the money to go spend $15 a month just to make youtube videos.

  13. ShadowFangGaming

    what about streaming from a device like a HD PVR for console footage?

  14. xsplitbroadcaster

    yep. we actually have a free trial version. 🙂

  15. hpytrgrfngrz

    Im happy with quicktime thank you very much

  16. dustrider2003

    I get no sound as well. I’m trying to test out the product to make sure it’s going to be what i want to use so far.. NOPE cause the sound is not coming through the broadcast to twitch.

    Seeing as nobody has responded to you in 6 days.. i just wonder

  17. Tom Thebomb
    Tom Thebomb07-31-2012

    i recorded my self, but when i went to “view broadcasts” and click my broad cast there was no sound

  18. Mattias01001010

    huge minimap on sc2 here we go (huskystarcraft)

  19. soboombox

    The girl in the webcam is hot 🙂

  20. psycl0n3

    you can create local recordings, which makes a video file on your computer that can be uploaded to youtube.

  21. MrIco

    I doubt many people will care enough to buy a license. You guys should keep a free alternative or the competition will make use of the gap that’s going to be created April 12th.

  22. drago939393

    Can I use this to record and upload to YouTube?

    I have no interest in streaming.

  23. Thedeathdarkangel2

    Can you record games like Exmortis, and then upload it to YouTube?

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