Xbox 360 Hauppauge HD PVR w/ VGA HD Recording Tutorial


This is a tutorial on how to play your xbox 360 in HD with your vga connection, and record in HD at the same time. No S Video cables or Composite cables, this is true HD recording! Right here is a link for an EU converter. I have been asked a lot and a viewer sent this to me. Thanks Konraad! Thumbs up if you like the video, and ask any concerns in the comments, I will attempt to respond.
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  1. Brahskizz

    GAMETIME PLEASE HELP!! I HAVE everything! the converter box, everything EXACTLY like yours! the resolution on the xbox is exactly the same! 1280×1024! All the component cables are linked up but theres NO SIGNAL! I NEED HELP ive been trying to get your setup for months and now i finally have it and this no signal problem is my issue! PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

  2. Brahskizz

    Yo i did everything you said, all the cables are connected but when i open eyetv it sais “No Signal” please help!!! i did everything you said, where do you plug in the component cables on the pvr?

  3. Gametime013

    nope. there is now an internal cap card that does 1080p, but the pvr doesn’t do it regardless

  4. IAmMikeyTon

    So cant do 1920 x 1080?

  5. mattehFLCL

    set it to 720p

  6. iBobotastic

    Wondering that. I’m too dumb to try though

  7. x1FaMou51x

    can u hit me up on xbox live so i can talk to u on the mic about this tag is u F A M O U S u

  8. zLoNeighbor

    If your on xbox can you help me out I just got sposnsord but I need a montage like a 1;50 or so long so they group can see who I am and my name can get known im trying to be like faze Temperrr but anyway if on xbox add me vNeighbor

  9. TheLeftHandedMonkey

    I think you can just buy a VGA to 3 RCA cable for under $10 for this problem. Others youtube vids are just doing that and it works fine.

  10. TM876Gaming

    Will it work on 720p?

  11. Gametime013

    I have no idea. I have never used ps3. You would have to look that up somehow or find a good forum

  12. Gametime013

    I have no idea. I have never used ps3. You would have to look that up somehow or find a good forum

  13. TM876Gaming

    I was going to buy this but have some questions.
    How am I supposed to switch to 1024×1280 (or whatever resolution is needed) when I play on ps3 because it has fixed resolutions that you can view on?

  14. CarMILBeats

    check your private messages dude.

  15. SimplySienz

    You need 2. The VGA HD Xbox cable and then a standard vga wire. You connect the component wires you received with your hd pvr and plug it into the bottom part of the hd pvr then you plug them into the converter. The other side has vga in and out. Your Xbox VGA goes in and then your Standard VGA view goes out and plug the other part into your monitor 🙂

  16. RogueSniperX3

    Total media extreme 2 doesn’t recognize the the HDPVR and says its either not available or is used by another application. HELP!

  17. Fantahstic

    so how many vga cords do you need total?>

  18. SimplySienz

    I grabbed one of these off ebay 🙂

  19. Gametime013

    No I have not searched for one in a long time. Any converter that does VGA to Component will work. Make sure it has a VGA Out slot too

  20. Gametime013


  21. IamAzyl

    Are u recording in 59,94 FPS?

  22. CarMILBeats

    The converter is out of stock on the link you posted, do you have a different link or a different converter that FOR SURE works? Thanks man.

  23. Gametime013

    apparently you are new around here, welcome 🙂 That is pretty much all I post on this channel and have for about 3 years lol

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