Wispy Smoke 02 – Free and Pre-key!


This is completely free to use for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You are not entitled to this file! Subscribe and happy new to all files, you’re welcome to stay informed! Download Link: www.mediafire.com
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Before you go too crazy with this, if you upload a video shown on YouTube with these sites, please credit me in the description. Please do not go back up to his. 🙂 I’m sorry for how the files does not work, I think I’ve fixed it now, if not please tell me in the comments! 🙂 DOWNLOAD HERE www.mediafire.com

  1. themashypotato

    Yes, you may use and monetize video while in the video and do not advertise them separately for download, as I have done here. If you do, I would: a. Credit videos2 final. The difference in describing credit that can be used as you wish 🙂

  2. RearingEmu

    I can get my video when used?

  3. haamvideos

    There is movement.

  4. themashypotato

    amazon or ebay or something, do not know where I will not have xD, Google.

  5. videoeffected

    I can buy is

  6. Matheus Freitas
    Matheus Freitas12-05-2012

    I liked the way we started and made this video. It was not just a video showing the effect and the download link that had a design and a design based on the game to announce, that’s the link below and a creative way to show the impact and everything. Thank you for the impact and congratulations for the idea, it was a nice hotel.

  7. themashypotato

    no, it’s not free, you have to buy it. its only about $ 36 so its affordable piece of software.

  8. aidanlovespolarbears

    Where I can get Final Cut Express? And it’s free?

  9. themashypotato


  10. themashypotato

    Not sure, I do not know, could do any freeware that this verification to test Final Cut Express? I use After Effects and can be shown to preserve mac very large costs. Sorry, do not know much of what you get on the Mac, I’m a PC guy!

  11. aidanlovespolarbears

    Hey, it’s a program for Mac that you can make your 3D layers pre keyed footage? I ask because I would like to turn that special effect.

  12. MTMiPower

    Thanks buddy, yeah When I was discharged as well, but I did the black keys. all went well. Anyway, thanks again!

  13. themashypotato

    hey have videos and animations really good: D! just a reminder, the portals are now transparent, sorry. by the large backlog 🙂

  14. themashypotato

    works now?

  15. themashypotato

    yes, you can download it now 🙂

  16. themashypotato

    hey sorry for the huge Deelay back to you, the link works now and it’s clear now 🙂

  17. themashypotato

    His company, charging it now, thanks for the comments

  18. SlenderMan Noface
    SlenderMan Noface12-05-2012

    thank you!

  19. trickticks


  20. us3r5

    No doubt, thanks a lot!

  21. HitNRunner69


  22. themashypotato

    I use Adobe After Effects CS5, but you can use Final Cut or Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas

  23. FuzzyTA11

    ok, I have it, but the overlay program to use? ; D

  24. FuzzyTA11

    thank you! And yes, id Opening loved the style I was looking for some software cos i’v just finished me a replica Portal gun, literally’m editing a demo for him! Thanks 😉

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