Windows Movie Maker Green Bar Solution


download Prism Video Converter at: Or if you require much more directions on disabling xvid or ffdshow from the compatability window for some reason: Or if you use Xvid and these other solutions do not perform, try: For my subscribers, this is not the sort of video I strategy on undertaking often, it was just 1 that I was wishing was out there when I ran into the green bar difficulty generating the D&D Trolls video. MiniPlayer911 sent me this following as an alternate workaround: Save your video in WMM as a DV-AVI (NTSC). Then when it is published make a new file in WMM. Import that video and click/drag it into the timeline. Save the video as Windows Media VHS Quality. It operates for me everytime! :DI do the VHS good quality so the high quality is smooth
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  1. fluffymitche

    Thank you so much for this video! it helped me a lot and from the 2 other converters i’ve downloaded they gave me annoying problems! bless you xx

  2. TheStoasterRisen

    You could try Freemake instead. The url pops up as an annotation at around 1:25

  3. Gamenut321

    this helped me in the past… but the prism application said that my 14 day trial is over… so i cant convert anymore… help please

  4. Gamenut321

    thanks a lot for the video… i have been looking for a solution for a whole hour… and now i found the video to help me out

  5. albilah

    i love you man!!
    it work perfectly!!
    thank you!!

  6. laughoutloud5806

    okay i had the same problem and here is how i fixed it

    1) Right click on the Youtube video
    2) You’ll see various options appear. Select “Settings” or “Display” (depending on your computer / browser you’ll see different options)
    3) Under “Settings” or “Display”, de-select the ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ option.
    4) Refesh the video and it should play without the green error.
    hope it works!

  7. noorGermanotta

    hold on you mean that i hate to un-tick it?
    thanks any way

  8. joliejulie89

    make sure when you right click the video —> settings—> enable hardware acceleration is not checked–> refresh—> problem solved 😀

  9. Frznblood

    I was having the same problem and that worked for me as well.

  10. kenetic182nd

    right click and disable hardware acceleration

  11. noorGermanotta

    idk what to do man , if you figure out something make sure you share!

  12. kenetic182nd

    I’ve the same problem aswell.. after installing adobe fucking flash player 11..

  13. TheStoasterRisen

    Have you tried the solution from CrashArchives’ other comment?

    “I figured out the problem, to fix left click on the video and click on settings and make sure Enable hardware acceleration is unchecked, that seem to do it for me, I read that its a problem with graphic cards that can’t handle it, but flash player turns it on. Hopes that helps to people who have the same issue!”

  14. Vaercul

    yea him having the same problem and i have used different browers and deleted things that i tho may be doing it, nothing has worked.

  15. noorGermanotta

    i did that as well , and my lap is like 5 months old only :l idk what to do its so annoying

  16. TheStoasterRisen

    Hmm, have you tried watching some videos in another browser to see if it’s an error with the current version of Chrome? Chrome has had a lot of problems with crashing and things on videos in the past, so it may be worth trying on Firefox or even IE in a pinch. I highly doubt it’d be a codec issue for youtube videos, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make sure those are up to date as well.

  17. TheStoasterRisen

    Well that’s odd. If it’s just happening with occasional videos you watch on youtube, it’s not related to the green bar problem I was referring to in the video. My best guess, and it is very much a guess, is that you should make sure your flash is up to date as well as whatever browser you’re using. Sorry I couldn’t be of more use on this one.

  18. noorGermanotta

    HELP!some times when i click on a video on yotube some green bar appears on top of the videos , the colors get messed up and its really annoying , i tired everything , refreshing doesn’t help , closing the page and opening it again doesn’t make any difference too, my laptop is new , virus free , i really wana know whats wrong and how to fix this ..

  19. monkey298

    THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 EVERYTHING BUT i gave up… lol aka i got lazy so i just had2use my last resort. I cropped the green bar but left a little sliver. I thought it kinda looked cool haha. It’s sketchy but it works. I figured after all Ur hard work and all the time of yours that i’ve wasted the least i could do is provide some entertainment. Here’s my video /watch?v=VuoRJQiIo6A& if you commented it you’d be the first and it’d be greatly appreciated.

  20. monkey298

    oh gosh… that was over a year ago… i honestly can’t remember. But when i was done editing it had that stupid green bar but i managed to fix it back then… uploaded it to youtube only to have it copyrighted and deleted and here i am. Today i am super determined…. my last resort is getting some new editing program and just clipping the green bar and leaving only half of the video >.< DEFINATELY a last resort i wanna do anything i can to fixx it any suggestions sensei?

  21. TheStoasterRisen

    what file format was the raw video in before you originally edited it with Windows Movie Maker?

  22. monkey298

    i first opened with Windows media player and it was green barred. i then tried converting it to avi mp4 mpeg and even some weird like wmmmwmv shit that windows live movie maker saves stuff as and to no avail they all have the green bar. 🙁

  23. TheStoasterRisen

    Well assuming it’s a finished video, you should only need to open it with windows media player or some other player like media player classic. Just checking some possible errors, what it the file type and what program are you trying to play it with on each computer?

  24. monkey298

    Same file…. all i did was transfer it to my new laptop… What’s strange is i can’t even open it with windows movie maker on this computer >.<

  25. TheStoasterRisen

    Yeah, it’s really more of a workaround than a proper fix, but it was the best I could come up with and all that would work for me when I ran into the problem. Glad it helped.

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