WidgetCast Tutorial – Social marketing with Twitter, RSS, News Feed


www.reallusion.com Web 2.0 Mashup is also a powerful tool for social marketing. You can further enhance the generation of social marketing and real-time updates of your special marketing events through your widgets. Use Tweeter and other RSS news feeds to keep your viewers engaged and informed.
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  1. tmpdev

    I mean it would have been nice if you would have typed something in the fields for all to see.

  2. tmpdev

    You need to provide a tutorial on the contact form setup with transparency. When I 0 the opacity for the form, the text also goes to 0 opacity. So the example @ 3:20 is not making since. Please assist

  3. ADEL5791ify

    I was once an E-rep for a nationally know company. However my selling efforts on Facebook and others came to no avail. Could these widgets help someone who wishes to increase their sales potential?

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