When To Use A Flat DSLR Video Picture Style?


www.learningdslrvideo.com Went out boarding with my friend David Besnette yesterday and we both took our T2i’s along for the ride. The camera’s did great outside all day below freezing and the batteries kept up with us too. Still trying flat picture styles in high key lighting situations since I have had issues with that before, but I have not given up and I am still trying to make it work.

  1. vanhakaveri

    -3C is cold? lol

  2. Bertziethegreat

    1280×720 is High Definition. 1920×1080 is Higher Definition.

  3. BookingBradley

    Where can I get NIKON tripods

  4. chadsenga

    Hi Dave! I love your videos. I’m really into video production and I just got my 550D – which is why I’m going to stay on your channel for awhile. Awesome tips! I bet shooting really flat would make an awesome video when paired with Magic Bullet and the likes.

    Anyway, more power to you!!! 😀

  5. JRodCompany



  6. machismania2

    thanx man that helped

  7. Operatez

    they are both hd. 1920*1080 is full hd.
    reason you get high noise in low light is because your ISO is too high so it makes the picture grainy.

  8. 007s00s

    Hi, how do I change to flat picture style?

  9. machismania2

    i m also confused in HD video and 720p and 1080p videos?????
    does 1280*720 reffer to HD????
    or does 1920*1080 reffer to HD?????

    if 1280*720 reffers to HD then what 1920*1080 video called???

    also i get high noise in shooting in 1280*720 during night time but video at 1920*1080 has less noise
    any setting for reducing noise in video?????
    thanx for you help

  10. machismania2

    @drumat5280 thanx that helped
    how to set iso and aperture and shutter speed in movie mode??????

  11. machismania2

    thanx that helped
    how to set iso and aperture and shutter speed in movie mode??????

  12. drumat5280

    you must be using the pal settings, try ntsc. just a guess.

  13. machismania2

    how to shoot in 60 fps in canon 550D???????
    because it has only 50 fps max??????
    plzzzzzzzz help

  14. bakernator08

    Hi Dave

    Your pictures look amazing, would you mind sharing what setting you are using at 0:45 pretty please?

    Im still learning, I have a long way to go, I went and hired a lens they used to shoot house tv show with, and got some great lighting but my footage still looks bad.. i know it takes experience too.. so can you gve me a tip or point me to the best vid you have in this area? 🙂

  15. richieramone1

    Neutral isnt flat enough. Always try to color correct and balance those whites! It always makes a HUUUGE difference in you work! Cheers 🙂

  16. richieramone1

    Hi, keep trying. Some tools which can assist you in color correcting is the Magic Bullet Suite, Using Mojo, Colorista and finaly my favorite, Magic Bullet Looks. Download the trial version and you will always shoot flat from now on because there is a tool for each lighting setup. Cheers!

  17. Fidd91

    I agreed with you. Installing that on the camera makes it so much better. New 750D!

  18. mkell21

    Dave, do yourself a huge favor and install the Magic Lantern firmware. You will then have zebra for setting your exposure and about 15 other amazing features like true kelvin scale, native iso settings, rack focus, disable ACG, audio levels. ect……. Just youtube it to get install instruction. It is Amazing and turns your T2i into a HD Powerhouse!!!

    Magic Lantern and Tremmel Hudson FOREVER!!!!

  19. jmalonear

    I just found out about your videos! Where do I find one showing how your lighting yourself in these shots?

  20. 4KFirmware

    4k Firmware FOREVER!!!!

  21. TheBeginnersLens

    Thanks Dave for your helpful videos. I’m myself in the process of learning how to use Premiere. It seems to me you do not use presets for your effects. If you don’t, it’s a very nice way to retrieve a set of effects and apply it without having to re-enter all the parameters. Saves quite a bit of time! A quick tip I discovered today and wanted to let you know about (if you knew it already, then it’s a tip for your audience). Cheers and thanks again!

  22. TheClassicalSaudi

    Mr. Dave Dugdale
    You always show us professional techniques.
    Thank you very much.

  23. m505xl

    I’m using VegasPro9 and am thinking about switching to Premier based on this clip. Vegas can sometimes be hard to work with. The way you can adjust levels & colors seems very intuitive.

  24. MsRustyMitten

    Would Neutral be considered a flat picture style? When you don’t shoot with a flat picture style, do you still color correct?

  25. thetubeinsideyou

    Thanks. You just helped me learn something new. Keep up the good work.

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