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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

WESTDOC: The West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference has a major sponsorship deal with New York-based Footage.net reached, world leaders and resources most comprehensive online search for stock footage and discovery was announced today by Chuck Braverman and cofounder WESTDOC Richard Propper. Footage.net tent will serve as sponsor on all platforms in the third annual conference held in September 9-12 in the historic and refurbished Culver Hotel and Pacific Theaters Culver Stadium 12 in Culver City, California.

satisfied with Footage.net WESTDOC for 2012 were working, as it is one of the pillars of the industry footage, says co-founder WESTDOC and managing partner Richard Propper.


: The West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference (9-12 September 2012) brings together producers and CEOs non-fiction/documentary programming and reality TV that create these programs. The list of approved networks grows WESTDOC 2012, including ABC, A & E, Animal Planet, BBC, Bravo, CMT, Discovery Channel, Documentary Channel, ESPN, GSN, KCET, MTV, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD participate, OWN , Ovation, Oxygen, PBS SoCal, Spike TV, Style, Sundance Channel, SyFy, TLC, Veria Living, VH1, TV and WE.

were excited to return as sponsor exhibitor said David Seevers WESTDOC, Chief Marketing Footage.net. The producers of documentaries and reality are some of our major clients in Footage.net WESTDOC and gives us the opportunity, the time to get to know the community. It is also a wonderful environment to learn about the latest advances in industry production of nonfiction.


in recent years has become one of the largest footage and complete online stock of world resources. Footage.net offers creative professionals, including researchers documentaries, archival and non-fiction producers of all types, with the tools they need to discover and obtain the best motion content world business best images quickly and easily from a single Location. In Footage.net, researchers can search multiple collections at the same time for more than 1.5 million clips and instantly communicate with our content partners.



Footage.net is the leading online resource for stock footage research. Footage.net since 1994 has focused on the needs of users and providers of footage shot. Today remains committed Footage.net, users find the best shots as quickly and easily as possible, generate new contacts and licensing opportunities for our associates, files and strengthening material industry license file as a whole. Our specific search engine makes it easy for professionals and 40 worldwide collections search videos simultaneously and over 1.75 million clips many of them available for download. Our global search partners include some of the most recognized companies in the industry footage, as Getty Images, the Bank Video, Movies historical pool structure and NBC News Archives, as well as some exciting new collections specialists, as Skyworks, Videos of past critical and Ocean. Footage.net is also home to the Zap email every day for creative professionals immediately send requests images from over 50 providers footage above. Whether you are leaving for a period or in search of a dark clip, creative professionals Zap emails every day to start their research projects in recordings. Zap our subscribers with a steady stream of new leads



WESTDOC: The West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference (9 to September 12, 2012) brings together producers and CEOs non-fiction/documentary programming and reality TV that create these programs. Recognized as the premier conference of its kind on the West Coast for more than 100 speakers from industry are expected to participate in the three days WESTDOC 2012 Conference in sheets, case studies, exclusive social events and networking sessions. Over 30 tables are provided for the financing, design and sale of a documentary or reality once or serially. Treats topical and distribution models of the theatrical to digital platforms.

a discount rate for guilds and associations WESTDOC 2012 is now until August 31, 2012 will be available. The discount is 10 percent for all unions and delegates of the association at the International Documentary Association (IDA), the Directors Guild of America (DGA), DocuLink, Independent Film Producers (IFP), the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) available, New Day Films, Producers Guild of America (PGA), the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), Writers Guild of America (WGA), Film Independent (FIND) and the Association National Television Program Executives (NATPE). Each active member of this group can be. WESTDOC the organization or office for special discounts


is WESTDOC 2012s peak all day event where 12 finalists of the documentary and reality producers launch new works in progress directly to donors and network administrators in front of a live audience for the possible acquisition licensing, or co. The plots are at least three minutes each video and verbal launchers, no more than eight minutes. This year’s winners prize money PITCHfest $ 7,500 to $ 12,000, increased thanks to the generous support of the sponsor of the contest, the Gilbert Group at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Bank of America. Conference registration is now open and entries will be accepted in PITCHfest http://www.theWestDoc.com.

WESTDOC 2012, also the back, twice only meetings that are extremely popular with participants: FaceTime, 10-minute, one-on-one opportunity, a network executive producer of choice and the slope of sit-down, intimate 30 minutes with an overview of the various networks and production companies describe what executives and producers are focusing on today and, above all, what they are looking for tomorrow.

exclusive premiere screening, panels, keynote, PITCHfest competition and party area are all in the beautiful Pacific Theaters Culver Stadium 12 theater within walking distance is the historic Culver Hotel and rebuilt as a social service center , WESTDOC 2012, dedicated to the newly restored Grand reception and outdoor exclusively for subscribers.

also an exclusive Master Class is an opportunity for participants with industry experience and business guru Peter Hamilton, in his only appearance on the West Coast in 2012. Hamilton session on how to enter the TV market booming U.S. based on facts to succeed! place on Sunday, September 9 will be in the Culver Hotel. This class is $ 199 and is added to the right in general WESTDOC 2012.


registration information and an updated list of participating boards, speakers and instructions on how to pitch hard, you see. The Conference also posted updates on Facebook and Twitter pages WESTDOC 2012s.

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