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In the event that a player short game vision consistent with a high finesse fishing, the first casting golf tournament to be held in over 70 years scheduled for the first quarter of 2012, the sponsor of the tournament, says, a golf course, the product and industry news site.

Its amazing how many golfers also

avid fisherman, and vice versa, Dean Green, senior golf writer said We were researching the history of golf tournaments of 1930, when we ran a story about a golf tournament in 1933, instead of casting. We have to dig a little deeper, and the concept seemed fun, bring the old case decided around 2012.


Green, Cast golf originated on the West Coast, and was actually a popular event among fishermen could easily maintain its smelting capacity to be created with a perfect 9-iron from 150 yards or better. We’ve been in the old photographs of these events, Green said. But apparently, the tournaments are played on regulation golf courses, with participants casting a fishing plug (a type of bait) down the fairway from the tee as in the regular round of golf. Each mold in injection form, as in stroke play.

newspaper accounts of these golf tournaments discuss casting units of 300 feet and more of the routine with a rod and reel. Green said it was not a fisherman to land a plug in one or two feet from the hole in the glass or a distance of 100 meters or more of the unusual pin.

The idea seems a natural

said Green, who also is a tournament bass fisherman. Our reader surveys show that 75 percent of our public site, the. Visit the free golf tips, also fish at least six times a year thought, why not bring the two groups together and see how they compete over 18 holes, as they did decades ago. Since golfers have a clear advantage over the role that the game was decided by the player who hit the shot or cast, the closest to the hole.

Green said the similarities between golf and fishing has been written about … and discussed again. Look, both sports can be very frustrating and amazing offer satisfaction, said. For example, there are times when you perfect cast to a trout rising, and hell swim out only casually, as if to mock his exact occupation. There are also times when you seem to hit, taken as the perfect pitch shot, and goes to the right of the green and be playable in a twist.

Green says

Readers are invited. for this exclusive tournament last vintage yet The only requirement is that each student must previously represented fishermen or golfers theyll explain camp said. He was in the process of snake some good prizes for the winners, including golf clubs, Videos tip line golf, fishing and various forms of terminal tackle, like circle hooks, sinkers environmentally friendly (lead), and bat power packs diversity.

In addition to casting

golf tournament, also give good golf instructors and professional fly fishing, first, participants and interested spectators free golfing tips and casting instruction, Green said. As if the tournament casting was not clear enough, good for a fishing derby for children at the 15th hole stage, which can be equipped with lots of big catfish bread.

which group Green expects victorious, what is playing close to the vest for now. So many people have compared a golf swing a fly fishing cast, but I did not get into that debate here. Surely everyone doubt that sport produces the constant number of accurate shots shots or put to rest … at least in our tournament.

go for more information on this first annual golf tournament casting a series of free golf tips and downloadable ebooks 11.html.

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