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Weather Central, most manufacturers. Weather system seen in the world, today announced new products and updated to help create effective media companies want to manage and distribute weather information each observation deck

IBC will showcase new and better tools and products, media companies their audience through smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. The range includes a full suite of solutions for the mobile web, WAP, iPhone?, IPad? And Android platforms.

stations and other media companies expand their services to reach viewers with new equipment, learn it now offers more than ever, reliable weather and compelling content that your audience wants, said Bill Boss, vice president of product development and marketing Weather Central. Weather Central helps broadcasters for the delivery process efficiently across multiple platforms and flashy, while ensuring that the underlying data is rock solid. If done right, the weather is entertaining, informative and reliable, especially for the audience.

Solutions at IBC include:

multi-platform delivery

forecast measure is a new and easy to use web application that provides broadcasters have the same outcome in each screen. Forecast Tailor eliminates redundancies and inconsistencies inherent potential climate simultaneously press content on websites, mobile platforms and other display devices thrown through automatic placement templates for each target group with any weather information system broadcast production center.


3D: Fusion Live by Weather Central, offers the world the solution more precise presentation time in a full presentation, professional studio and chroma-key production solution for news, sports and entertainment. Stations can share the costs among several budgets with only a system study shows compelling presentations and unparalleled weather. Features include:

? Publication native content for mobile and online platforms.
? MagicTRAK? enables the real-time talent with graphic content, video games and virtual interaction drawing, highlighting and move using a wireless remote video signal and the fingertip.
? Buildings in 3D text and graphics and a simple QuickMap fly adjustments, up to date solution that attracts audiences.
? Super microcast 1KM? provides hyper-local, specific weather information.
? Scene Release allows presenters interactive touch screen and entire scenes start new seamless storytelling. New Fusion Studio

enables broadcasters in their unique time presentations were presented with a complete set of new tools for storytelling. This package integrated 3D creation software eliminates the time and resources used by the associated high-end 3D graphics and enables meteorologists in the air directly to the sources in multiple elementsincluding 3D display of light, texture and mapping data, real-time 3D interaction, objectsin to create the dynamic history of time possible.


Weather Central is the only global provider of data from 1 km resolution weather. They complement the only existing source or local weather information office, media companies to allow unique data to respond quickly to the audience is the most important question is how it will be time for me? Among the new data products on display at IBC 2011 are:

1)? iFactor plays a lifestyle based on unique rating system time, a wide range of meteorological variables and provides viewers with an impact factor index instantly understood.

2) VividCast – 1 km This data scaled data offered higher resolution model ever. With sixteen times more detail than any other solution available to broadcasters, combining unparalleled accuracy hyperlocal stunning display.

For a complete overview

solutions central time visit.

founded About Weather Central, LP Weather Central, LP, 1974 by broadcasters and meteorologists in Madison, Wisconsin, the leading provider of professional onair, online, print, mobile and enterprise solutions and weather forecast for North America and customers in the world. Using motion graphics company, accurate weather forecasting models and data, and patented technology, more than 1000 partners and hundreds of millions of consumers around the world benefit from the attention of the Central Weather presentation, detail and insight.

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