Walter Graff teaches greenscreen lighting


DVD obtainable on our site Sample from my video exactly where I talk about how to light green screen footage like a professional. Using a true 60 second commercial, I show how it really is lit, directed and edited so you can do green screen footages like a pro. I teach you all the tricks for green screen footage which includes discussions of the myths and reality.

  1. getoutdostuff

    We meet again 240p…

  2. IntelligentSrch

    Great video! Thanks for showing us the equipment that you are using.

  3. lewisj550

    you talk too much, less coffee please.

  4. NewAgeDirector

    Great video keep up the good work.

  5. walter1111graff

    I wanted the talent to have a cartoonish look

  6. randalusa

    Excellent video. I am pleased that you produced any, though a little disappointed to have found only three after seeking more following viewing of the first, the one with tape for venetian blinds. At any rate, thanks for your time.

  7. dwagothegod

    One good thing is to have a little white umbrella that wich you can put in some certain lamps wich helps getting rid of the shadows quite easy, cause what you wanna do is to get rid of the shadows and have the same colour on the green screen.

  8. lileclipse97

    Where can I get some spun? please help!

  9. Supersonic8t7

    Pinnacle Studio 12/14 works great for green screens and a lot more!

  10. berryjuice103

    ijus need the lighting

  11. barkly54

    nice video i could not aford 1.000 watt lamps.your showing us the high end lights and the low end lights good work

  12. RLfilmz

    looks like they added a fake shadow.

  13. gregallenphoto

    why did you model looks so ‘cut out”?

  14. JPTVProductions

    but i think your final product is still overlit

  15. dietcokecan94

    Sony Vegas 9, you can get it free on the internet even though its about £600!

  16. juebe10

    whats a good program to use for green screens. becaseu all the ones i have tried don’t work

  17. walter1111graff

    I believe this was 12’x15′. How big depends on how much space you need. In my case, I needed to see more of her torso in the upper part than her full body. But if you need full body with lots of walking or more than one person than obviously you need more floor screen. Hope that helps.

  18. CapnWink

    What is the size of the green screen you are working with in this video? What size would you recommend to cover the background and the floor?

  19. tvfootlint

    Walter you wouldnt happen to be left handed would you?

  20. walter1111graff

    Hundreds of dollars. You can use less expensive lights. Lighting is not about fixtures as much as what you can do with them. But then again, neither is a paint brush if you get the drift. Pro lights allow for better control and more constancy.

  21. sacredgeometry

    oh and ps great tutorial thanks for sharing

  22. walter1111graff

    Actually there is no blur filters applied. Something is lost in the way I edited it for broadcast then made it into a DVD file.

  23. BillDavidShow

    It looks like you ended up using quite a bit of blur effect in post production regarding the chroma key aspect. Was this your intention or to resolve key issues? Thank you. It was a very good tutorial!

  24. walter1111graff

    In this case I’m using the two 1ks to light both the talent and the background. More economical. I also add a small 600 watt bounce to the front of her face for some punch. Women generally look better lit flatter than a man might be.

  25. famousony0utube

    good tips. but how do you light the talent?

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