VLT (Very Large Telescope) HD Timelapse Footage


taken (eso.org) Stephane locally and Jose Francisco Salgado Guisard:

Timelapse Footage Credits: all images. ESO / S. Guisard (www.eso.org ESO / José Francisco Salgado (www.josefrancisco.org) MUSIC SCORE “We Happy Few” – The Calm Blue Sea (2008) [www.facebook.com EDITION: Nicolas Bustos
Video Rating: 4/5

This video shows various types of ships (ocean tug, trawler, merchant ship, frigate) in amazing storms with huge waves.

  1. jayceage

    wow, totally amazing timelapse! Just wow. woooow great. D

  2. Marcos Muñoz
    Marcos Muñoz09-14-2012

    Viva Chile 🙂

  3. BradSammyC

    This video is amazing.

  4. StreetWitch

    How do you do this? is amazing! long expo take several shots over his take everything with a camera?

  5. Nicolas Bustos
    Nicolas Bustos09-15-2012

    You can visit the VLT once a month. You need to plan your visit in advance, although

  6. RudeBoiiDevil

    It’s really nice. Tourists are allowed to go there?

  7. SamiRimas75

    It is so good that I have no words! FANTASTIC!

  8. IronAnimation

    Well, both are perfectly reasonable if you spend a little time to learn about them. There were aliens, they have absolutely no reason, in our likeness. Or consider our terms, or follow everything that we designed in the life ahead. especially when you consider what we have on Earth. While I firmly believe in aliens, the “Ancient Aliens” theories are mostly garbage for me.

  9. keith08hitzkolpf

    I think when you do find another civilization, would be a kind of rediscovery. While there will be differences, it is. Similarities and maybe, just maybe, we might find certain aspects of our past to date, still inspire me and the mystery of how our ancestors built the pyramids of Giza and other monuments. Quite a brain teaser.

  10. IronAnimation

    Fermi Paradox! I agree with your assessment (Roswell not though). I’m starting to think that life is not as impressive, but more because if the universe is as big as we thought to discover that life is probably one of the most banal, since we already know about this concept very well. Things can be so great.

  11. keith08hitzkolpf

    True, but I guess we’ll never know (at least not in the near future). Personally, I think there are other life forms, because the universe is huge sun Whether actually going to happen before anyone knows. We can have all the Roswell incident, and they have everything, but that information never will.

  12. IronAnimation

    I think that was an exaggeration at best. Maybe some pieces bonds of proteins or anything can become a cell, but full of life?

  13. keith08hitzkolpf

    Hahaha … I read a few years ago, some scientists discovered in a meteorite with some liquids and fluids These were some very basic organisms. Therefore, I think it’s so crazy to think that bacteria could have developed as many things on earth.

  14. IronAnimation

    actually even higher. But you have to go to remote places, unfortunately, to see the sky in such detail.

  15. IronAnimation

    WE bacteria? WAT.WAT.WAT.

  16. keith08hitzkolpf

    If you think about it, they have already discovered. Life outside our planet live bacteria found before in meteorites and asteroids. Bacteria are a way of life, although the simplest of organisms, but still a creature. The main question now is whether an advanced civilization comes, would say, “Hello!” or would have to be Columbus and the Indians.

  17. kaanxxx

    Is this what the human eye would?

  18. CRod7993

    The universe is so unimaginably big, and try to understand, it would blow your mind. Perhaps the real answer is waiting in the sky above our heads are. Weiß.Gott Who created man to be curious, and what is beautiful, strange, and ignorant as the infinite universe just above our heads.

  19. TheBloodyAxes

    Hey check out my mix on this subject, it will not disappoint 8tracks.com/cosmicapathy/contemplate-the-universe-inside-you-pt4

  20. BeckyLMC

    Mind Blowing … Yes! So many questions. I often wonder when I see the night sky, if someone is with us and the same questions.

  21. TheBloodyAxes

    I agree, but this is different, this is not only beautiful but inherently Spirit breathes sigh ..

  22. gynecolog1st


  23. intigfx

    This is what we are here. Not these stupid wars, economic success and self-centered shallow life. We are here to observe the universe and enjoy its beauty.

  24. BeckyLMC

    Some people do not know beauty when searching!

  25. CamMan1964

    How can anyone not like?

  26. canturgan

    It seems that the North Atlantic.

  27. danielson8586

    Beats ridn a bull by far!

  28. Havish Vyas
    Havish Vyas09-15-2012

    Twelve-thirty-five epic

  29. Havish Vyas
    Havish Vyas09-15-2012

    with video recorder and it was they did, was the cameraman

  30. rentanic1

    Driving destructor that calls through the waves or some steel balls’.

  31. TheAlphaStylez

    A warship and sea had no respect ^ ^ there are things that can not kill you, I love Mother Nature!

  32. weirdwordcombo

    Some videos are only meant to be epic.

  33. Shayann Grigsby
    Shayann Grigsby09-15-2012

    What is the song

  34. n00del

    I have only seen this dizziness

  35. Shayann Grigsby
    Shayann Grigsby09-15-2012

    What song is that

  36. Shayann Grigsby
    Shayann Grigsby09-15-2012

    What song is that

  37. Reduxalicious

    This is not the half of it, I do not know, Mother Nature, to walk a thousand and you’re always so their boats tossed around – I’m one of those damn fools.

  38. jeevangopal112

    That scares me.

  39. 1970ddb

    hahahahah so true, and I can not blame them …….

  40. J3NNYVO


  41. waynetaylor66

    Wont any helicopter up this afft nationwide ….

  42. Soob4ME

    Storm Insomnium listen while this video …. it’s perfect.

  43. TheBobbybob08

    This is a movie!

  44. timw1959

    WOW! Truly amazing!

  45. Audrion3

    Last wawe best: D

  46. stepzhen

    Why would anyone go on a boat in this hell hole. What can do for a person, because I’m not one of them.

  47. LeonNorWest

    These stunning images!

  48. AAdrummerboy

    here we have a pro!

  49. Michael00172

    It’s not the weather, it’s just a force, 6, try a hurricane force 12, in winter, in the Arctic Circle at 60 degrees below zero, with high waves of 98 meters, the peak – valley in pitch black sky, the trawler ‘Sidewinder’ to 150 feet, which I have recorded a wave height of 98 feet, looking down at the Hecks.Ich also the engine room was filled with sea water, the German exports in a submarine trawler diesel engines, with the watermark Oliy only 18 centimeters below the flush deck ..

  50. MrCurlyBill

    Yes, but back then were badasses and said it was the front of the ship to make it XD

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