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: (scroll down to the code file) codes, as promised: Master Code: 000014D1 000A 10044EC8 0007 Meeting mod Code: 000014D1 000A 1003dae6 0007 Pokemon you want : 83007CEE Metang 018F will meet. (Change the last 4 digits) Level of Pokémon: 33007CF0 0025 = 0002 = lvl 2 lvl 25 Pokémon Pokémon 33007CF0 file (max 99) with link to new Pokémon + part numbers due to the many questions: How to link www . file using the code:
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  1. Poo Man
    Poo Man06-21-2012

    do u have 2 wait in sumthing?

  2. Poo Man
    Poo Man06-21-2012

    it dosent work?

  3. luka jeger
    luka jeger06-21-2012

    You can link unlimited money nad the site with the number of pokemons

  4. DjNicoMusic

    “Warning! Code seems to be different game code can not be right”, I get this message when I enter the master code .. And finally, if I get into the grass of the game .. PLEASE HELP MEEEE! : (: (Any suggestions?

  5. TheTomoushie

    Hello, the file the program opens with VisualBoyAdvance, how do I get? Because I have VisualBoyAdvance program, but when clicking “Open”, and even choose not to file … PS: Sorry for my bad english

  6. aLien0bDaYunibers

    This video is lke 3 years or so, but I just want to level a little too korrigieren.der code in hexadecimal format as 0025 33007CF0 not mean that a level of 25 Pokemon.zählt 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12 … and so on. Sun 37th 0025 by level Level 25 Pokemon is 0019.das everything.

  7. dorus241

    lol you’re Dutch or something?

  8. wolfspawnhesus

    is this window?

  9. Jeremy Lin
    Jeremy Lin06-21-2012

    works perfectly, thanks!

  10. Warx93

    Where are they? lol

  11. takerapoel

    If you cheat sometimes crush

  12. takerapoel

    “I take a legend,” LOL MAGIKARP

  13. Dusch4593

    @ Chi6075 I followed every step of the tutorial and nothing happens.

  14. TheZoli6

    Nederlands Ben jij?

  15. 187CaptainMorgan

    i enter the cheat codes … I used to use tricks, or break the gameshark code .. IV had tried everything to control the ball and I can think of at work!

  16. TheOBXMULE

    The link does not lead me to a list of scammers. Am I doing something wrong?

  17. 36STEELcity

    Disregard my previous comment … but I saw a trick to all Pokéballs and its not working.

  18. 36STEELcity

    hey the catch Pokemon not try to use one of the legendary Pokémon, and does not work. They occur when I run through the grass. Am I doing something wrong?

  19. TheHuntress144

    Hint: the encounter Lvl # cheat to work in the hexadecimal system, so that the last two digits of the code should be the hexadecimal version of the number of lvl you want. Find a hex calculator, and this will help tremendously. (For example: Hex 37 is 25, so that the charger was waiting for a level 25 Pokémon, but it was a hit lvl 37 Pokémon instead.)

  20. Mizorie554

    Is there a code for a meeting of chance, all pokemon?

  21. MidgetGaming124

    Are these codes work aswell in leaf green?

  22. Cherrytheninja

    And thank you for this to work well for me ^ – ^

  23. Cherrytheninja

    Hey, fool wild Pokemon shiny?

  24. like60pandas

    ignore this comment. I can not get it to work. simply doing what you do.

  25. Cakers311

    I can use the trick and just before entering the grass it does, the screen remains black and

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