Vision Research Phantom v642 presents the third generation of high-speed digital camera transmission


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Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of the widest range of digital high-speed cameras, has announced the launch of the Phantom? v642. The high speed camera retains the unique ability to record and play ultra slow while adding the ability to play the exact color television cameras normal speed with the latest multi-matrix color correction technology. The Phantom v642 includes Academy Award – and Emmy? Award-winning technology to capture and deliver impressive ultra slow motion images.

proud of Vision Research in response to customer feedback. Following the introduction of clients, many V641 for better color matching skills demand. We turned to our clients higher priority request this technology for the Phantom v642 Patrick said Ott de Vries, business manager for Broadcast Vision Research. With the advanced technology of multi-color correction matrix, the Phantom v642 offers an important tool for color matching regular cameras transmitting live sports. This update is the hallmark of continuous interest and trademarks v642 Vision Research and commitment to encourage innovation in the market for live streaming of sports and our integration partners.

Vision Research

ultra slow motion technology has been widely adopted in live sporting events and others around the world, including the Super Bowl, World Series, Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games. This technology is also used in television commercials and films, and is an important component of 3D images in many Hollywood films.

v642 is supported by a specially developed ultra-sensitive 4-megapixel sensor that can record 2K at full resolution, a frame rate per second and 1450 can be used to support pan and zoom applications. Typical broadcast resolutions rests, plus 1080 to 2560 frames per second.

shutter speeds up to 1 microsecond and a global electronic shutter, crisp images with little or no stain or motion artifacts are guaranteed. Extremely high frame rates at HD resolutions, allowing the playback speeds up to 90x times slower than live action.

Multi Color Correction Matrix


The v642 supports multi-matrix color correction technology, which was the number one most requested feature by users of the V641. This technology allows for precise color matching to the normal rate cameras Frame uses independent adjustment of saturation and tone of each of the shafts 16. Working with video matrix, hue, gamma and chroma settings to adjust the Phantom v642 color at normal speed support live broadcast of sporting events.

storage and workflow

The v642 includes 8 GB of high speed dynamic RAM with 16 GB and 32 GB versions were also built. A single memory feature allows users segmented images that is divided into 63 segments to create a multiple discharge back-to-back shots without the camera data. In addition, users can record in a segment, while a slow clip another. A segment is always recorded live action.

This function returns

v642 flexibility in environments with and without the support of server support reproduction. The v642 can be connected to a controller in the studio or OB van, cameras can access the memory for playback as the camera operator is the creation and recording of the live action.

v642 comes standard with a PL mount for the sensor cover complete (2560 X1600 pixels). Native support for 1080p B4 adapter with custom options.

Vision Research

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key features include:

? Supports up to 90X ultra slow motion with 2k, 1080p and 720p resolutions.
? Multi-color correction matrix for fast and accurate color regular game framerate Live Sports cameras.
? Breakthrough 1200T color ISO (ISO 12232 Sa-method)
? Versatile Dual HD-SDI, HD-SDI dual link 4:4:4 Dual connections or 2x 4:02:02
? Multi-film recording capacity
? Repeat Remote Camera Control
? EVS integration to control the camera and playback
? Minimum shutter speed of 1 s for sharp images of fast-moving situations
? Internal mechanical shutter for hands / black remote referencing
? 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB of built-in high-speed memory
? 8-bit or 12-bit color depth
? Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR): two different exposures in a single frame
? Burst Mode

About Vision Research

Vision Research is a leading manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems, the essential TV in a variety of applications including defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing and packaging, sports program, production and digital cinematography are.


Wayne, New Jersey, develops and manufactures the most complete line of high-speed digital cameras on the market that provide all unmatched light sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed and image quality.

throughout its 60 + year history Vision Research won numerous awards in recognition of his innovations in the technology of high-speed camera and sensor design, including a technical Emmy and Academy Award?. Vision Research digital high-speed cameras add a new dimension to the sense of sight, allowing the user the details of an event when it’s too fast to see, and too important not to see. For more information on Vision Research, visit

Vision Research is a business unit of the Materials Analysis Division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors.

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