Virtualsetworks LLC releases Liteset Volume 2 virtual games


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Virtualsetworks Lite Sets Volume One brings exciting new virtual sets a lower cost than traditional studio gear. Designed to chroma key green screen talent before, Lite provides virtual funds established directly used in your editing program like Adobe Premiere can be, as software Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, Vegas, or After Effects composition, Motion, Fusion or hardware or NewTeks TriCaster Broadcast Pix Slate and many more.

Lite sets are. early on in the house with the latest hardware, software, lighting solutions and processes to provide the highest quality standard definition or high definition virtual set backgrounds


be purchased and downloaded individually Virtualsetworks virtual sets or in a pack of 20 on its website, as well as hundreds of other funds of virtual scenarios of their joint study and provide budgets AnimSets lines for all areas of production.

Virtualsetworks virtual sets are designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and provides several levels of content for each virtual angle allows the user made. talent seamlessly into the virtual game environment in a variety of software and hardware products are available as Virtualsetworks stills and animated sequences in standard definition, high definition, stereoscopic 3D scenes for Newteks Lightwave and Autodesk 3D Studio Max and NewTeks TriCaster Pro, Studio TriCaster Broadcast TriCaster, TriCaster XD300, XD450 XD850 TriCaster and TriCaster.

See our virtual sets in action here:

Or download a trial version of a virtual set here:

About Virtualsetworks LLC

Created to help producers and editors virtual set content access to high quality at a fraction of traditional fixed price, Virtualsetworks sets the benchmark for low-cost content storage and virtual set design.

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