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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

Virtualsetworks efforts to push the envelope of virtual set studio in amazing new formats for use with XD TriCaster virtual set NewTeks Editor, Adobe After Effects and other compositing applications and production was stereoscopic 3D. These new formats provide end users amazing new features for live virtual set production, powerful post-production, and the emerging stereoscopic.


September Tricaster XD Virtual Editor allows users to customize the content of virtual set to meet your needs for use in live production environments with the Tricaster XD 300, 450 and 850. Virtualsetworks TriCaster Virtual Set Editor XD Virtual Sets allow users to customize the set of layers on and off, adjust colors and change the contents of the monitors directly into the Virtual Set Editor easy to use interface. These new user fees TriCaster control type for modern production virtual environments is necessary.


HD Extreme format brings new Photoshop files for users of After Effects, Fusion, Combustion and other compositing applications, not to mention Photoshop itself. The 1.5x version of the HD Extreme HD resolution, for publishers and composers to reduce and cut their background adding basic 2D camera movement. Virtualsetworks Extreme HD virtual sets for After Effects offers many layers of talent and dominance reflection of furniture like tables with their own UV maps for making the replacement screen completely replace manual handling without annoying reflections on each screen, and many additional layers such as depth and normal maps. HD Extreme format brings amazing new capabilities to its software and levels of customization previously unavailable.

3D stereoscopic production was quite a keyword from the last measurement. But as HD before I had time to the end of the production cycle in order to develop. Virtualsetworks in this cycle by the introduction. Complete line of stereoscopic 3D virtual sets that can be configured directly editing programs for use in the production of stereoscopic One of the amazing benefits of stereoscopic production assistant virtual stereoscopic game vs real world is that a 3D camera equipment not absolutely necessary. A single camera is used to capture and green screen keying (automatically through the UV maps included) to the proper depth gives the viewer the impression of 3D depth without the need for the 3D camera equipment real world .

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Created to help producers and editors virtual set content access to high quality at a fraction of traditional fixed price, Virtualsetworks sets the benchmark for low-cost content storage and virtual set design.

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