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for the release of 15 funds Particle Absolutely brilliant … It’s free! These are all free of particles 15 HD footage unloading clips 15 … credit to Andrew Kramer – Video Copilot :)))

After the death of Shemp Howard, Three Stooges were eight shorts compared to Columbia Pictures for the current year to meet the contract. Producer / director Jules White combed old recordings of the trio with Shemp “create” four new films, shooting new material at least to change the stories. Where new images of Shemp is needed to change the plot, recruited Joe Palma Blanca, a long-term replacement for Shemp Shemp occur. So here, for the first time digitally recorded and are in the clips that Joe Palma became a household name as “The Original ‘Fake Shemp'”. Have fun!

  1. PsycholisticGames

    lol at the noobs, thanks for this. Noobs advice to you. this figure shit out of yourself, instead of complaining, a good downloader youtube and see all the tons and tons of tutorials out there.

  2. Plegodego

    Thank you! This will be very useful!

  3. theswordsofgod

    ae use the effect of “Hue / Saturation” and make sure the “Colorize” box is checked, the color change you want to test istdann theres many other ways to change aswell, CC Toner

  4. EliteTacticNation

    Ohh I just downloaded the AE test so I could change, but I’m in the experience, but I would change to green so awesome (:

  5. theswordsofgod

    its gray color, so the color is right what wollenf├╝r those who can not or do not know how, I have a red and green version …

  6. EliteTacticNation

    You should add some processing, so changing the colors, instead …. gray.

  7. lsmftymf

    1:42 Also, although the false beard.

  8. daffylatke

    Amazing how the Stooges were treated poorly. Any other actions that have been discontinued. Moe and Larry forced Columbia to make four films next to a dead puppet. Joe Palma did what he had to do.

  9. Matthewsmollen4

    to about 0.51, we can see, Joe Palma face a little.

  10. seraporqueteamo

    FOR SPANIHS: What grotesque, these chapters codiciosso son instersa Money.

  11. rogerrodd

    Thanks for posting this. I am a fan Shemp long life and never knew the story. It’s hard to believe that just clips on each enough to change in practice were many. Before any comment, I agree that the Earth was not the strong side of Stooge episode.

  12. ladyp1234

    yes Shemp was 5’6 “and the boy was at least 5’10 or 11” always bent, except at the bottom.

  13. 999manman

    Columbia had no shame.

  14. Stoogefan14

    Listen how terrible are your eebs BSE.

  15. Fruth37

    “You flathead!” Joe Palma was horrible!

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