VCS is up Opti Nvizage Insight perspective of Snow White and the floor of Huntsman Battle fairy tale


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Corvallis, Oregon (PRWEB) June 1, 2012

Who is the fairest of them all? Opti Insight VCS monitoring for outstanding Previs Nvizage home. Used to reach Universal Snow White and the hunter in six major sequences and more than 320 shots, Opti virtual camera tracking system, crews blurred window into a world where the line between real and make believe.

Whatever the film

we work, our goal is the same, said co-founder Martin Nvizage Chamney. We believe the public, as they are in the center of the action. The Insight VCS helps us find a realistic real time so we can move quickly in interesting scenes directly to immersion.

Using motion capture cameras to track the physical location, Nvizage and crew members in key positions, such as DP Greig Fraser was able to visualize the shape of live action and generated elements computer interact with each other in real time. This allowed the team to flesh out ideas before shooting lens and all the main production in the stone. Since the level of surplus allocations extreme wide angle field of battle, moved to the foreground of the central character transformations has been the ability to penetrate VCS to validate production strategies are increasingly valuable . For example, when trying to configure the cavernous through the concept of art evoke Ravenna Throne Room, Fraser used to evaluate the VCS display real-time CG environment, such as different lenses would paint the room. He found his match in a wide angle.

When a scene called

camera movements more dynamic, versatile VCS got into the center. Since motion data capture systems can be assigned to any type of camera in the Autodesk MotionBuilder CG achieve the look of a laptop, car or helicopter mounted on the unit was easily accessible. Previs Nvizage used this freedom, a large number of small and large scale fire. The VCS software plug-in and assignable controllers and could easily adjust the speed of the camera while in the virtual environment and to automatically remove any bumps and bruises that come with the ground. Streaming images were carried in MotionBuilder, facilitating immediate uses could be eliminated or continued in Autodesk Maya for more animation and rendering.

While films Troll Bridge

sequence added, Opti Nvizage tracking mocap system organ to the mix to record images of performance from Visual Effects Supervisor Cedric Nicolas. Recorded in the sequence complementary to existing animation productions, provided that his actions lacked trolls as realistic motion of the scene. Other values ​​derived from the shooting and step diagrams, the effects of hand and spatial measurement points, the distance between camera and actor SFX team has some detailed reference parts are used for construction work in the open .

OptiTrack Suite is a big part of what the arsenal of tools preview Chamney Nvizage as effective added. The major productions are always great results from companies in our position is required, and the Insight VCS, we can feel that something special to offer to customers through the door more to add.

Snow White and the Hunter is currently in theaters.



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preview Nvizage is an independent company based in the UK. Currently celebrating its tenth year, was to become a solution for large Nvizage Previs independent film productions to mediate. These suit as highly mobile and is invaluable to the movies, which is in place around the world and their creative output is unsurpassed in terms of quality, time and budget. Recent work includes:. Snow White and the Hunter, Hugo, Wrath of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, and Prince of Persia

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