Using Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (Fire Effects)


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How to use the new Corel VideoStudio Pro X4, will show you how to Chroma Key (green screen, blue screen) do to record, stop motion, etc. I’m more dictatorial about the programs and video games with comentary by the way the program is on offer is very simple to use and wonderful program and the extent of any video editing! is the effective, creative and easy to grab your video from, to show to shoot quickly. Quick to load, organize and trim SD or HD video clips. Cut along its production of creative templates and effects, music, titles, transitions, and more. Explore new export stop motion animations and time lapse tools, and then to 3D! It has everything needed for professional video editing. (It is a promotional video) How to Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (ghosting) How to Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (video format, video cut) How to Use Corel Video Studio Pro using the use x4 (Clone Effect Files & Music) How Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (green screen, blue screen) Use Check Out of comments Subscribe and Thumbs up!
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  1. KristalynJ

    Haha .. Madea test. I’ll share a video response! LOL ….

  2. KristalynJ

    That is very cool! Thank you … I will use this for my new video!

  3. Avatarplushworld

    a fire or water instead of air instead of … I need it for my FX me how or post vids plz make a vid

  4. CrazyDubble

    You can download the free trial version of Maya and its own type or simply call Maya and download youtube video with and use only that! 🙂

  5. flimmer1979

    Do you have a link where I can find some different calls? What format should I look?

  6. omigoshness827


  7. Angellafaye21

    You can mask with this program?

  8. CrazyDubble

    I use Google HyperCam2 only they and their free 🙂

  9. kissmybahamass

    : L u, which are not used for recording video from your screen 🙂

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