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Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

UrtheCast built on the technology scene in December 2010 with a single vision: We want the world, an interactive online platform for high definition (HD) video video of the Earth are transmitted in near real time the International Space Station, for free. Last week flew UrtheCast co-founder and executive vice president, Wade Larson, Beijing, China to present the case study UrtheCast competing for first place in the G-challenge.Up start this year against some of the new companies innovative mobile technology, balanced UrtheCast themselves to catch the eyes and minds of industry leaders and investors.

“The field of Fire the challenge is especially unique. only had three minutes to a project that is finally going the way of seeing the world, the change was not easy to explain, but we, as winner of the round, “says co-founder UrtheCast, Wade Larson.

As part of the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) contained the fire tone Challenge of the 20 companies of mobile Internet, which the winner was twelve shortlisted finalists UrtheCast join. Each finalist beat her case study in three minutes to a group of venture capitalists and angel investors. Those standing will receive the final round of G-Start Challenge, a contest, initial applications of 100 start-ups in 19 countries. This final stage of the challenge saw contestants make their final case study within ten minutes.

At the presentation held

, UrtheCast the center of attention and continued its innovative objective: how to view and change the world through the creation of a new community platform


“Although we have not won in the last round of the Challenge, we received an overwhelming response from participants. the impact we did here was to people, as interesting as the victory was possible. It is clear that people UrtheCast speaking on a personal level. You must love, “says Larson.

Once the cameras UrtheCast

light, the image data is provided by a website focusing on the consumer. This platform will be open source, allowing users to create applications for sale on the website and UrtheCast on smartphones. From the station in a particular geographic location, video, data and images will be collected in the field, eliminating the possibility of awareness of current events worldwide. As another level of interactivity, the user will be able to plan the space station along its orbit, and events in the days of the season of your city.

as Canadian-based international startup key relationships with RSC Energia, Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, and McDonald, Dettweiler and Associates (MDA) is the UrtheCast tell the stories of the earth and its inhabitants engaged. UrtheCast cameras brings you the story, according to their planned launch aboard a Russian Soyuz mission. The beta version of UrtheCasts interactive platform will be available this summer 2012.

for a chance to be one of our beta testers, please visit urthecast.com.



UrtheCast (Earth Cast pronounced) is a business to create a single view of the first live broadcast of high definition video of Earth from space. Working with world class partners and an exclusive relationship with renowned RSC Energia Russian air UrtheCast giant, builds, implements, installation and operation of two cameras in the Russian segment of ISS. The video data from the Land of the cameras captured data will be in the ground stations around the world descending, then shown almost in real time on the Web platform UrtheCast or directly to the exclusive distribution partners and customers.

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