Unique Effects 1 – Vintage cream (with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3)


In this 1st tutorial

particular effects Mike Walen shows him as a retro-vintage impact to your photos to develop the classic name of cream. Mike also shows how to save the settings to produce a default, so you can simply apply the effect to other pictures. The show is performed by employing Photoshop Elements three and uses a Canon RAW file a 450D. Upload the RAW file utilised in this tutorial: Free www.keyimagery.com Lightroom three presets, visit our internet site: www.keyimagery.com

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  1. JaneBPhotography1

    Hello, I have tested this effect, but I’m stuck in the corner like mine short summaries, highlights, shadows and darkness. Do not let me change the diagonal line, as in the video. Mine has a point, but no moves can be eliminated. Any ideas please?

  2. Maria1532

    Thanks, man! you’re amazing! =)

  3. MrBambuka

    Good video and very easy to see

  4. oceandrew

    RAW file format is a selection made in the camera, either in RAW or JPEG. However, you should be able to achieve this effect with a JPEG file using the white balance slider 10 or so in order to neutralize the skin tone.

  5. oceandrew

    Very good tutorial. I like the effect and makes your focus on sliding numbers are easy to re-create the exact preset.

  6. JacobAlanKuhns

    You have to shoot in RAW

  7. misskatealiceturton

    How can you switch to a RAW file?

  8. TheLukasL

    The man who got a great job on that! I was actually looking at a pre-Internet, but your tutorial gave me an overview of how this effect really works! Keep at it! 🙂

  9. zneyvan

    Thanks for your tutorial, it really helps me

  10. sptorino

    very good tutorial … Imma try that meself .. and I love your accent. xD

  11. TheMiszerak

    omg what an ugly picture

  12. senhorronable

    I admit it’s a good tutorial. They explain each step. In addition, they have completely ruined the picture 😉

  13. divakaneva

    Thnx very good tutorial

  14. ContadeValle

    very good tutorial, well explained. I worked my picture at the same time you said, and I am very happy with the results very satisfactory. Thanks for your time and patience to explain 🙂

  15. gnaek

    oooh, it’s true … thanks, I was thinking that something was wrong with my Lr … (Sorry, my english): D

  16. keyimagery

    Sounds like edit a JPEG, not RAW file. Editing a JPEG file, it means you only need 100 to -100 color temperature settings. 🙂

  17. gnaek

    Temperature: 4000? Why is my Lightroom has only -100? : (

  18. MisterPubichair

    very very good tutorial, thank you very much, and very detailed!

  19. k3ntuckyfriedkraken

    very well done, sir

  20. themuffinsaidno

    “balance”. hahaha awesome tutorial. thank you very much!

  21. dgukov

    This is an amazing tutorial. Thank you very much Thanks for the RAW Dank.Auch Thich Datei.Btw how he got a low noise level video quality, never seen anything so soft on youtube.

  22. Obosi123

    Great tutorial … Well done! Straight forward .. They are good teachers

  23. keyimagery

    Thanks for the comment and help motivate you to make some more tutorials 🙂

  24. taliwalt

    One of the best tutorials I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Thanks for that!

  25. keyimagery

    Now we are starting to release some presets you can download from our website. Check out the link in the description of the video and let me know if you have problems or get stuck!

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