Uncharted 2 Machinima Tools (Plus)


Uncharted 2 Machinima Tools (Inside Gaming Plus) Today on Inside Gaming Plus, we take a look at Uncharted 2 and some of its cinema features shipping with the game. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com TAGS: Uncharted UPC 00711719812326 Naughty Dog Sony nathan drake drake’s fortune among thieves theives knotty notty action adventure video game cinematic tools mode free cam cameral flying green screen footage screne chroma key lip sync synch animation character select yt:quality=high

  1. 991596357410

    This game is the best , xbox suck ass!

  2. m3tr0id86

    just bringing up a point, that’s all.

  3. BroudbrunMusicMerge

    Uh… thanks for agreeing?

  4. m3tr0id86

    I’m a Halo and Gear and that’s all well and good, but there are obviously other games to play and use for stuff, for example I use Mass Effect 2 on my channel and I know how I can play around with it. I say to those fan boys and girls try something else, BEFORE you open you big mouth rattling on about how this or that games or whatever sucks.

  5. DropPodStudios

    if someone made an Uncharted 2 machinima now would u still watch it?

  6. Mexicochief

    Its sad how they created a machinima mode, but nobody used it correctly

  7. HeadshotHotHead

    Yes but it was one of the first on consoles which made it a standard for more games. In many ways Uncharted players should thank Bungie for their console innovations.

  8. MrAgentEpic

    u cant rewind trust me i own th game

  9. Sonicisunleashed2008

    Shame that no-one uses it, I have only ever seen about 5 different Uncharted 2 machinima’s.

  10. silverbull23

    yeah uncharted is a ps3 exclusive

  11. YouArWaching

    is this only ps3 cuz i am suposed to be geting one soon but i just need to know

  12. DanteHyuuga001

    Nobody got into this game? Er, its GOTY dude.

  13. jukkis6699

    what the fuck is the point of this, if theres only 1 player, for local playing!?
    I was thinking about getting this, so I could make machinima, but theres only 1 player offline, so whats the point.
    and a question, can you customise the look of your character in this game, offline?

  14. shortbuzshorty12345

    Its a shame nobody really got into this game. It would have been amazing for Machinima videos…

  15. MrVashfan

    yup easyist thing ever
    5 seconds later:I DONT HAVE A BLUETOOTH

  16. machstarfox

    you can also download videos to your harddrive and then put them on a usb

  17. salvadorsenji

    mm the multiplayer mode in machinima mode is in one console?

  18. TheGraffitizer

    Those things are fucking crazy.

  19. weirdoz321

    15 people got killed by the guardians of shambhala

  20. endeverafter2

    to put it on youtube probaly or maybe u can upload it straight from the console that would be sweet 

  21. endeverafter2

    if they were merged the console would be called the ps360

  22. ZuttoAragi

    I’m guessing you’d need a capture card.

  23. 04champs07

    how do you download the videos to your computer to edit?

  24. sethfan1000000

    thumbs up if you almost threw up watching 2 girls 1 cup

  25. Andthatswhymacssuck

    Agreed, the only reason people seem to make machinima in it so much is because you never see anyone’s mouth
    That’s my guess

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