two-Bit Gaming – 008 – NES Repair (Flashing Red Light)


A show that details several aspects of the video game business. In episode 008 I show you a easy fix to make your Nintendo Entertainment Program virtually as good as new.
Video Rating: four / five

  1. bdtvfpm

    amen brother!

  2. af10512

    Your my hero

  3. elcabezapo

    THANKS!!!! You help me fix my old NES…theres nothing like playing videogames the way they were ment to be played, no emulator will ever match the feeling of a cartridge!

  4. DarthG33k

    Good vid, Kain. You have my thanks.

  5. kainkusanagi

    Please clarify.

  6. bernyqueen

    hey kain my red light does not flash but my transformer work, what i should do?

  7. kainkusanagi

    It doesn’t matter what color the screen is. If the light is flashing then your cart is most likely not making good contact.

  8. TheMarioman401

    kain i have a Q on the one i have is the gray sereen of defth what is a new something? are do i do the samething you did yes it flashes

  9. TheStillborn81

    Thank you!! My NES is alive, alive!!!

  10. akwardcake

    Make more videos Kain! All your videos are freaking amazing! 🙂

  11. ryanphoenix

    This is a great video. My NES (I have a top loader) is still working, but this is still a nice fix for a classic system. 🙂

  12. kainkusanagi

    It’s possible that game is damaged. NES games are over 25 years old and like anything they can degrade.

  13. sigvess11

    i have this problem… my mario and mario 3 work perfectly, but my castlevania… not so much. it flashes the nintendo on and off, but when it flashes, it shows the start screen. the cartridge is cleaned, but still wont work. can you help me out with this problem?

  14. Tricky0032

    I just bought a NES for 8 dollars at a Thrift store but it has the red light problem, im going to give this a shot. thanks for this tutorial 🙂

  15. jvaustintx

    great video … thank you 🙂

  16. kainkusanagi

    Glad to hear you guys got it working.

  17. LeahMouse

    Awesome video! My husband and I brought home his old NES from his parents house tonight, and were disappointed when it was flashing the red light at us. We watched your video, and he got right to work fixing it. Within a half an hour we were enjoying playing all our old games. Thanks for posting this! =)

  18. WheeliesRus1

    I just bought a new 72 Pin Connector, swapped it out with the old one and it still isn’t working. Where do I turn to next?
    Thanks for the help!

  19. kainkusanagi

    Sorry, but I’ve only eve bought one and I don’t remember who the ebay user was. I took a chance and it worked out. It’s a risk that you have to take if you want a replacement connector. Good luck.

  20. SRNF

    Whats the best 72 pin connector replacement u’ve seen? There are so many on ebay and google i dont know what to buy?! Can you just tell us? lol

  21. squirralicious

    Hmmm, okay then.
    I will change the connector either today or tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if it works 🙂

    Thank you!

  22. kainkusanagi

    I honestly don’t know. I’ve never purchased anything from that website before. It’s not an officially licensed Nintendo Repair company so who knows if they are a trustworthy website.

    I hope it works out for you. Tell me how it goes so I can keep track of who sells quality 72pin connectors and who sells cheap knock offs.

    Good luck.

  23. squirralicious

    Well I bought it from the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. web page, paid 8$ for it.
    Do you consider that good? D:

  24. kainkusanagi

    It could be. But keep in mind that not all replacement 72pin connectors are create equal. None of them are officially licensed by Nintendo so some are good and some are bad. It’s a total crap shoot. Don’t be fooled by a high price either. A cheap one could be better than an expensive one. Don’t spend to much so if you get a bad one you didn’t waste too much money and find a different vender to buy another from and hope theirs is good.

    Good luck!

  25. squirralicious

    Is it better If I just bought a new 72 pin connector? D:

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