Tutorial- My Very best Batch File System!! (November 2010)


A “How to make a batch file using notepad” video. Desc- In this tutorial I explain the functions and purposes of my largest MS-DOS Batch File Called “Matthew’s Space” Video Search Code: @MatthewKosloskiVideos Matthew’s Space Installation- matthewkosloskiofficial.webs.com More MS-DOS Batch Files HERE: matthewkosloskiofficial.webs.com ——————————————————————————————————— Matthew’s Space Program Info- Current Size (Nov. 10, 2010): 28 KB Programer: Matthew Kosloski Last Update (Nov. 10, 2010): 11-6-10 —————————————————— Common Search Results- -How to make an MS-DOS Batch File Program -Notepad Programming -How to make a program ———————————————————————————————————- -How to Chromakey with Sony Vegas 9.0e -How to make a green screen footage blue screen. -How to make motion text in Sony Vegas 9.0e -How to become a YouTube Partner -How to make an HD video with Windows Movie Maker -How to watermark your videos with windows movie maker -How to Chromakey in Windows Movie Maker -How to Watermark your videos with Sony Vegas9.0e -How to program with notepad -How to make a batch file ——————————————————————- Promoted User(s)- Couchpotatotheatre, Techtopia ——————————————————————- My Website- MatthewKosloskiOfficial.webs.com My Facebook
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Using Blender 3D, filmmaker and media designer David Matthew Weese provides and over-the-shoulder look at solving some real world production problems. Motion tracking, greenscreen extraction, and compositing are all discussed in depth.

  1. Dustyfrab123

    i think he password is ******** because accordding to the level of the program he’s not good enough of a programmer to do the coding for that.No offence your at a good level.

  2. 3790MineBlox

    is your password *********** or does it just block your password view and if it blocks it then how do u do that

  3. 3790MineBlox

    sending and downloadinhg batch files over the internet is illengal but o’well

  4. 3790MineBlox

    ive got one that 241kb lol

  5. MrDanielboonstra

    You guys can download my BatchOS at db-p (dot) nl / downloads (dot) html —> Have a look

  6. MrDanielboonstra

    hhhhhhhhh aaaaalriiiiiight 😛

  7. MrDanielboonstra

    Yes, his pass is ********** look at 3:30

  8. TheLordsedrick

    ive got a batch for you but its too long to post here

  9. Nathansswell

    @mw2isepic1 I know…it was quite hard to watch and then read the comments.

  10. mw2isepic1


  11. remixmaster12

    you can just do %imput%

  12. iPodWizardMan

    How did you get the password characters to block out?

  13. sirfortisch1

    thanks its awesome i made a few mods to mine so it’s more personalized but i give you full credit to everyone i show XD thank you again

  14. CyclopsTelivision

    Awesome vid!!! Great!! I make batch files my self. I recently made a hacking tool for xbox 360. Go to my website god-modz.tk for the download

  15. spot203

    Sure is!

  16. si13ntsl4y3r

    love the music at the beginning. how it’s made, right?

  17. dashiznit1001

    this is kinda kool if any body wants to know how to set up an organizer for your computer similar to this, send me a message and il give u step by step directions

  18. noor6668

    the first pass is user and second password is Chicken but you have to be on the first line and type a space before typing Chicken and you need caps in Chicken.

  19. rhacp

    Eh, you didn’t use more than 8 of commands and 1005 lines, thats enough to make good batch file, but you didn’t. If you call this Batch your best, then you just s*ck at this. If you care about this you should make something better….

  20. tails2fan

    Great job, dosent this remind anyone of the fallout terminals?

  21. Spikeystait

    How do you get the password not to show, or is your password just ********

  22. MrElitepv

    can you tell me the code for the pasword to go like ******* plz respond

  23. MatthewKosloski


  24. macclatte

    istead y dont u just click on the application?

  25. 1236874n

    Hey I just wonderd how you got that dock at the top please answer asap 🙂

  26. MisterSensational

    try a recent 2.6 version, stuff’s much nicer…

  27. MrPerfectdrive

    Where can i find the final result of this tutorial?

  28. Germahno

    In Blender 2.62, to mask occlusion green, just put the Matte “Color Spill.” And to remove the green background, just apply the Matte “Distance Key” or “Channel Key” set to green. Specific colors can be removed with a matte “Color Key”.

  29. Xamf11

    that’s my Nightmare even when i wake up!

  30. jimweesesr

    Hi having nothing but problems we will study this.

  31. Obicere

    Thanks for sharing, learned a lot

  32. lzymxn

    its still very much a work in progress but up until the last update and test shots, its only been 2d tracking, now it works on 3d reconstruction

  33. gorogawa

    Do they? I thought they were still working on that.
    Slightly off-topic, does anybody know if there’s a 2.5 port/equivalent of paprmh’s green screen plugins for the VSE?

  34. lzymxn

    they now have 3d motion tracking!!! so much going on in the community right now, cl compositor, cycles, the new smoke sim stuff, the improvments to the vse and project mango, couldnt be more excited

  35. mrjimmyos

    Thanks alot for this, it’s great

  36. mrjimmyos

    Hey at 45 minutes in you mentioned moving the tracking marker to another layer. Could I also untick the rendering icon in the object properties panel for it?

  37. gorogawa

    Nice! BTW, Blender is getting a tracker soon with GSoC. All hail Libmv!

  38. deltaray3

    Great stuff. Thanks.

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