Tutorial: Getting Began With MAGIX Film Edit Pro Plus MX (ENG) started


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This tutorial will show you how our new software MAGIX Video Pro Plus MX use. We are proud of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus MX (version 18), to introduce the next generation of video editing: faster, better and more powerful – in any way. The Plus version offers more: more tracks, more templates, more features. Travel from the processing of 3D multi-camera editing to direct the animation. Check out the website: GB: www.magix.com be a fan on Facebook :: USA www.magix.com www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: @ MAGIX_NA | Subscribe to our channel @ MAGIX_UK for future tutorials videos of products and gifts.
Video Rating: 4/5

A tutorial on the combination of pictures and videos on the same timeline in Final Cut Pro X. This is a good number of basic editing techniques, but from Final Cut Pro X so different from what I thought was going to prove it. Check out my blog at: jeradhill.com Check out more of my photos to jeradhillphoto.com
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. wwwmagixcom

    Hello, you can turn the video quality as you work, so that reproduction is faster while editing the film. When you have finished your work, you can export the video in HD again. To reduce the resolution on the issue, just go to program settings> video / audio Movie Screen> and choose your Auflösung.Mit Sincerely, Oliver | MAGIX

  2. viteztame

    I have a problem with this program. I have the trial version installed on multiple computers (Core 2 Duo Quad, on XP and Win7) to prove it, because I want to buy the full version, but when I can edit some videos from Sony HDR-AX2000 camera, video preview is bulky, and when I move the slider, the beginning to jump frames. when the export, which is fine, but it is very difficult to edit. no solutions

  3. xXSomething37Xx

    ¿I can use my xbox with video recording? If I can, how?

  4. Umang LIKES
    Umang LIKES06-23-2012

    Hey dude, you can run on Windows 7 32 – bit ..?

  5. OhEmGeeness23

    This is as good as iMovie?

  6. Ciiircles

    This was done by a robot? : P

  7. wwwmagixcom

    Hello, you can still have the originals, if you click on “Help” in the toolbar. Now select “free” Sincerely, Oliver |. MAGIX

  8. AudioSpecialist1

    How did you take this into Englischi’f only in German

  9. DubFilmsHD

    What functions can this software, which can not be done in Adobe After Effects?

  10. fuej148

    Right now I have the Premium Trial, there is a way to limit or reduce the size of the video? Also the question seconond. How can endless loop?

  11. shaggy4206988

    I made another video showing how to expand the view of the image and the same for a video. The video should now load in about 20 minutes or so. Thanks for the sub.

  12. spam1138

    Also one more thing. there is a way to zoom in / crop on a peace of this video?

  13. spam1138

    wow really? Thanks man 🙂

  14. shaggy4206988

    I have tried to give everything, but relized it would be easier to make a video to show you. give me a few minutes to make time and upload the video and I will go to my channel

  15. spam1138

    Thanks, what settings to a file, so you can then edit in several parts (just in case, is then more limets time) was all I could do before the Boer right to a disc. You should also know how to change the tone?

  16. shaggy4206988

    I’m not MAGIX, but I can answer some questions. 1 Yes you can burn the movie and upload directly to YouTube. 3 Yes, you can change the pitch of the audio. 2 How to use the green screen … Well, not enough space in this area to tell you. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube MAGIX.

  17. spam1138

    First, do I can direct my movie in one video on youtube that I uploed? 2 How do I use the green screen? 3 I can throw Adio, so more or less? Thanks

  18. 3KidPlay

    How to import the edited material for a product MAGIX another program as Adobe After Effects

  19. lawdawg139

    Yes it does.

  20. wwwmagixcom

    Hello, supports the following video formats for Import and Export: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG 2, MPEG-4, QuickTime ™ and MV (HD) Best regards, Andreas | MAGIX.

  21. ScootzTedScootz

    This program supports MOV video files?

  22. wwwmagixcom

    Hello! Usually, they offer discounts update if the software is released. Please subscribe to the newsletter MAGIX (on website) and keep your eyes open! 🙂 Best regards, Andreas | MAGIX

  23. Hammer1216

    an upgrade discount?

  24. kansascrow

    a solution for audio – video synchronization problem when editing MPG files.

  25. ChattyChelby

    I bought Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus then less than a month after they came out.

  26. nflMayhem

    With the creation of moving images, but you can also use the very gentle “Ken Burns effect.” This allows greater control over the movement with automatic gestures Apple has to have. This can be found under the “crop” button at the bottom left of your preview monitor. If you do not want to waste time with keyframes, is this the right way.

  27. broadwalkinfo

    What video camera is used, the birthday video

  28. valonw

    Thank you.

  29. ah17708

    Hey great vid, very helpful … I wonder what system configuration … I’d be the happiest person on the planet, if X Final Cut this ran smoothly on my MacBook … i7 operating in a 2.7 .. with 4 GB of RAM and a pain as all the suggestions

  30. AshtonPhoto

    (And sorry to be a pedant,) Thanks for the video, which is very hilfreich.Ein, is Final Cut Pro **** ten. You know, like OSX, the Mac version of which has been for over X years. 🙂

  31. sTeamyTacopartEE

    Why are blurred images unless stopped Becom?

  32. jeradhill

    I use Screenium and a USB condenser microphone.

  33. RandomWhiteDoode

    Hey man, I just wanted to know how to insert images in motion video

  34. kristofferirving

    Hi, great guide I wonder what it was to record the screen and using audio? Thanks

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