[Tutorial] COD4 Custom Animations Kill Feeds (Las Vegas, AE, HP, etc.).


Please read! COD4 custom RSS JaysDesigns Kill Pack: 1) www.mediafire.com 2) www.gamefront.com * VERY IMPORTANT! If you take your clips! Open your configuration file! And change this value! con_gameMsgWindow0MsgTime mushroom “0” This will not show the source to kill! Even if you increase the value of the power over death! This tutorial is very long! But it is very useful and I hope you enjoy! Hotlinks: Start of construction in Las Vegas (02:50) Commencement of work in Photoshop (17.50) from the work of After Effects (28:02) of the final product: (41:44) Hope this can help direct links, because I know you will not see the 41 minutes of this tutorial, if your stuck on something to come here and jump on you! I put a lot of work in this tutorial for you! If the’ll make a tutorial, I will do well, and I think I have! Hope you like it, my dear, is the diffusion and out! New Trend? xD haha! Have a nice day! Please post comments! Contact: Xfire – jasonr199 skype – jason.riede.jaysdesigns

  1. Aspirinq

    cg_center time 0

  2. scinerz

    cg_centertime 0

  3. thomboy7

    It will not disappear killfead

  4. thomboy7

    con_gameMsgWindow0MsgTime mushroom “0” does not work

  5. nonfiction178

    how to say “You killed …” The text on the screen?

  6. cod4zarko

    Up to?

  7. xCraVeZz

    You do not stop push u down a marker, simply M, while listening to the song in Las Vegas is much faster.

  8. T3mporaryGold

    but only the back default. I think it is 5

  9. vexyedits

    How I can get the power to kill?

  10. juusacknewbb11

    Can you give us the movie set? : D

  11. Noocookiesforyou

    con_gameMsgWindow0MsgTime mushroom “0”

  12. PcGamerz1000

    How do you get the original display power interruption?

  13. YouNoob269

    One of the best tuts I’ve seen

  14. larksfilms

    ‘He will break ties JaysDesigns reupload please

  15. SpaiinHD

    Link D game broke out front:

  16. 7JackDesigns

    Stade pyramid of dirt

  17. SilphaGaming

    Pls song? (;

  18. HistorizedHD

    Where I can find the download speed? and if you save it, so that his desire is easier to use, can be encouraged, put a solid color and make a green screen and do it, so if you want more, you can create a chroma-manipulator and is more easy: D

  19. K1LLFeeD

    lol who killed Jesus at the end: D, but no offense

  20. iEvictionHD

    Is it just for recording PC, or what? Because I do not know what the hell is recording, and I do not want to see this full video and know that I can use it lol.

  21. BTruongz

    Shit, give me your render settings 41:44

  22. ZeroshotCinema

    Copyright = [

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