Tutorial 3DS Max Portugues – Abertura p/ DVDs de Casamento – Alianças 3D – PT 1/3


Tutorial 3DS Max Portugues - Abertura p/ DVDs de Casamento - Alianças 3D - PT 1/3

Aprenda a criar este belo vídeo de ABERTURA para DVDs de casamento. Nesta primeira parte, faremos a animação das alianças em 3DS Max utilizando o módulo REACTOR, e em seguida aplicamos materiais, câmeras e luzes para finalmente renderizar uma sequência de JPGs.
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Watch and learn how to make an epicly amazing 3D text effect! Before watching this tutorial, keep in mind that this was SPECIFICALLY made for those who are accustomed with Photoshop, not straight-up beginners. For those of you who don’t own a program that can render 3D text, you can download the .psd file with the 3D text here: www.gamefront.com For all other Ch-Ch-Check It downloads: chcheckit.com/project-files Like us on Facebook!! www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter!! www.twitter.com Download the Star brushes I used at: rabieshund.deviantart.com Get some nice abstract brushes at: r0man.de r0man.de Read the original tutorial here: blogof.francescomugnai.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. oncgtravis

    hehe white little sploch on my clouds

  2. oncgtravis

    guys do not skip advertisment…:)

  3. IsEpicIt

    Nevermind it was able to edit yours using Illustrator.

  4. IsEpicIt

    You can’t edit it.

  5. IsEpicIt

    Erm, Please tell me the settings you used for your 3D text? I don’t know how to put it and i keep failing please help!

  6. spinsurf123

    Thanks for a great tutorial. What are the links to download those burshes and the 3D text? Also, do you have any Illustrator tutorials? thanks

  7. XxEvilKnightxX

    I got CS5. When I downloaded the 3D psd file, and tried to edit it, it didn’t work 🙁 It said something about smart object

  8. ryancruz891


  9. gustazaz

    is this program free?

  10. DJMuffOfficial

    amazing! thank you!!

  11. 007Bond2018

    Is there any Adobe illustrator free and which is full???

  12. MouLetsPlay

    I think in this picture, 3D is needless 🙂 Anyway nice pic and vid 🙂

  13. ChChCheckItsClan

    Yup! It’s grouped with the Quick Selection Tool.

  14. FirstTemp

    I can do it for you.

  15. HDKermaperuna

    Is there magic wand tool in CS6

  16. oGrizzley

    whenever i make the clouds go pink, they dont blend into the backround, the just have a very defined line around them help?

  17. ChChCheckItsClan

    I don’t really give out artwork for free, but I do make these things for people relatively cheap. I charge only $30 per graphic, so if you’re interested in that, lemme know =)

  18. Konflictmusicent

    Hey dude, i really think this is amazing im a musician and would love this done for me i havent the first clue how to use photoshop and just stumbled across this video, if you wouldnt mind please could you do this for me? i will tell you what to write and give you my email address. also check my channel see my music i will give you a shout in my next video and put ur name and chanel on the mixtape cover?? message me and let me no if you can do it i will look out for ur message thanks Tris

  19. BornToBeEmerican

    Did you ever figure out what was wrong? It did that to me too :-/

  20. RUSHxToXiiCz1

    image, adjustmeny, levels 🙂

  21. ChChCheckItsClan

    This technically IS one of the older tutorials… It’s over a year old xD -B

  22. smart2click

    Shit why for advanced users.. i like photoshop n i wanna learn…com on ch ch check it now.

  23. kratosserver

    how did you feel the face of the 3D text with color black, you use a short cut key i don’t get it

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