[TUT] Sony Vegas Tutorial 3DSMax + + green screen footage replacement


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> [H] + Sony Vegas Tutorial 3DSMax <a href=green screen footage replacement +” src = “http://i.ytimg.com/vi/2WLvgSa74z8/default.jpg”/>

Hello this is my first tutorial. In this tutorial ill show how to do in 3ds max with green screen footage and then replace vegas.Sub see more tutorials from Sony. Extra tags extra tags] ignore the labels [extra ignore] additional markings … Failure Modern Warfare cod mw2 nuclear Fail funny strip javelin rocket tutorial Modern Warfare Infinity Ward mapMonkeys day mini-lift installation zzirgrizz knife gun strafe jump game multiplayer martyrdom big bang epic yt: stretch = 16:9 I am the Legend Pro fresh elevator card failure javelin throwing knives Pro incredible fun fresh oxide Karachi Afghan social and easy to use. Subscribe Unsubscribe Sign in to YouTube now! FLYING GHOST Sign in with your Google Account! This is an E3 preview of the new Xbox 360 dashboard … AWESOMEThis free money is a preview E3 will be released in the new Xbox 360 dashboard soon. Xbox 360 Dashboard new transmission Marcus E3 Expo Sun halo of electronic boards are enterntainment 2008 update, including new avatars, and Netflix support 1vs100. New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Fall 2008 guides you through some of the new features of Xbox dashboards fall update including avatars 1vs10 installation process of the game show for the New Xbox Expe … SUBSCRIBER HACK WebDemo game installation process for the New Xbox Experience dashboard you want to subscribe? See MANY Sign in to YouTube now! RING OF DEATH Sign in with your Google Account! New control panel interface for the fall. This update wi … PS3 vs Xbox 360New dashboard
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This is a quick comparison of the edges of the green screen footage Easy to the edges, which are prepared by the new refinement tools in Photoshop CS5 edges produced.
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. showtimeflo

    OMG, thanks to the good man check out my channel are my machinima get much better, now I can see my 3D animation as a whole will look like Red vs Blue

  2. theironpaw

    Thanks friend fav

  3. Kobno

    Make it. PNG sequence, save the alpha channel, so you do not, the chroma keyer.

  4. FayyyzR


  5. kudos1567

    This is what I was trying to do, instead of the text that I have a flashlight, turn on? I have tried to frame all text as green screen, but that changed color with the light, do u know anyway I could ask if possible to get.? Please help!


    or you can do as a. png /. TGA sequence with alpha channel?

  7. evan1994


  8. hikaruhello118

    wow, great video: D

  9. pixelsmiles

    For version 2.2, sRGB, which is well suited for the tone of 90 to 150 degrees. However, if you work with different color profiles, which will be different. Even if the work of Photoshop does not fit the image profiles, which can affect Extraktion.Für version 3.0, has more flexibility to the green and the user can adjust to improve the extraction. My recommendation is to send a sample image in the website forum. Maybe I could give you more advice if I could see the picture.

  10. JGoogt

    What is the color green? There seems to read the green screen on mine.

  11. lorddarphyve

    This plugin is great, is fast and highly accurate.

  12. lorddarphyve

    If so, as usual, would make a green light for the video display is greener.

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