Transfer Handwriting in Immediately after Effects


  1. PaNickiningMuSic

    How I can import it Angelica?

  2. PaNickiningMuSic

    How I can save it as a movie?

  3. PaNickiningMuSic

    Oh, I thought it was fine, I am

  4. PaNickiningMuSic

    its only going backwards, for some reason ….

  5. 15nanoseconds

    How do you get the same effect as if the path is the end of 10 to 20 times higher than at the start of the race and the center point of intersection (as shown in the “y” in “Layers”) has two widths very different line?

  6. kentheo2611

    good video …

  7. GeorgeDrumm

    Great tutorial! To understand the way!

  8. irfan djajasasmita
    irfan djajasasmita06-03-2012

    When they begin to learn the effect in the first time I see this tutorial. I have these problems, how to separate the tool from the pen … Now I know how to do … is. “Keep control of your keyboard and click randomly on the plane” and show how Bezier curves is the key “G” to your pen tool icon displays the Bezier. Then you can put it on whenever you want …. Now, I can not believe I have to take this classroom, and repeated it again because I like to draw your attention to the effect of my stroke even remember … T_T

  9. BeastPepper

    YOU … have … Problems … BECAUSE … … said … its … Name … and indeed the only reason that 3 does not like, is because they thought I like Dis tion.

  10. CxTxVisual

    Thank you.

  11. KCO030

    Good tutorial, very easy to understand and build 🙂

  12. dynameal

    “Take that is all the way around.” haha

  13. victormereacre

    Watch my video in After Effects

  14. robioz

    The joke is getting old … Now, it was fun for a while, when it was cool, but now it’s just eh ..

  15. TruthFinder713

    After Effects

  16. Mcishassilh

    And … you know exactly how big it is? O.O

  17. TheGrimReeferx

    [SEARCH] = Welcome to Earth The end is near. 🙂 Awesome video edited with Adobe Premiere

  18. 1nt0x8

    which version of Adobe After Effects using

  19. Jonathan Faulkner
    Jonathan Faulkner06-03-2012

    You can do this by adding additional keyframes in the sense that the layout of the route to reach. If you have a keyframe, add at the end of the first “hit” that pulls the L-shaped, then you can duplicate the button and drag the right key in the Timeline, creating a rift between completion of L and the beginning of a To change the write speed within a character, you can use the same idea. Add more keyframes and drag to increase or decrease the rate of rise.

  20. elm1com

    Hello, what do you read, more diverse in speed, as if to actually write a human hand was that? This flow is regular. Would you appreciate your comment. 🙂

  21. TheCarrotDigital

    You can do this in the animation of a “drawing” effect with pictures and handwriting?

  22. ivydororo

    What is the program?

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