Top 20 Frequently Asked Concerns in Sony Vegas (volume 2?)


Here is a list I compiled for the 20 most frequently asked questions in Sony Vegas so much fun! Here are some helpful links. Avi using: answer several questions:

Part 3 of 3

AVCHD editing with Adobe

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  9. xXxNelson7xXx

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  19. Chusterkuun

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  22. ZhanTaoF

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  23. Navigator556

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  24. Giovanni Monrroy
    Giovanni Monrroy07-17-2012

    How I can get for each thing, if not in my codec settings

  25. silmsu

    Thank you!

  26. dhelmly

    If you select one of the Blueray or DVD menu options File> Export, and then won, t ask you to transcode either MPEG2 or H.264 – you simply select the correct settings. The easiest way to do this is to click a file link> dynamic Encore. This import the sequence as a raw AVCHD transcoding and Encore during the construction process.

  27. igoboss1

    As you know, CS5 native AVCHD support, it means you not to transcode to edit AVCHD files benötigen.Importiere the premiere, and then I want to export to Encore, the problem is that after not known as the AVCHD format and I need to export transcode.Wissen you how to avoid transcoding in Encore?

  28. VideoUploaderr

    How the hell I can AVCHD with Premiere Pro CS5. I can only export a single file format, can anyone tell me how to export the AVCHD folder?

  29. herostasman

    Hey. Can you please tell me what you use for the composition of AVCHD in EPA?

  30. FluvioSeries

    I have a Canon VIXIA HF R10 and time to assemble the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, looks good and no problems are my files. MTSwenn I can export the video looks like crap! please all choppy and pixeligHilfe!

  31. TheStudioExpress

    Hello, I am a software Adobe Creative Suite 4 my computer is a Mac OS X version 10.6.1 and an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 6ttz a memory of 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 drive high-performance 499.76 . When editing a video in Premiere Pro, and since it is the slow motion I put into After Effects and put primiere Pro, Encore I can send the order, you can edit the menu and try burning the DVD and in the transcoding it takes about 36 clock. The reason is that, because my computer is slow, or bad please help

  32. petenicezz

    Hi, I want to know what to use Premiere Pro for After Effects 4, so I had to do with thought, after the effect of 5

  33. k1qu344

    I have a Canon VIXIA HF R10 and time to assemble the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, looks good and no problems are my files. MTSwenn I can export the video looks like crap! please all choppy and verpixeltHilfe!

  34. dhelmly

    BOB – AMD are doing very well and test them here – but to be honest all our programming is optimized Intel and doubt that CS4 AVCHD works best on Intel – With that said, the new AMD was awarded CS5. It’s actually more a matter of 32-bit code AVCHD codec is 64-bit code makes a big difference.

  35. bobsee88

    Dave, processor wise, I’m using an AMD Phenom Quad 8G, if this were not enough for my problems I am experiencing avoid? CS5, at present, not just in the budget, so I’m really hoping that there is an adequate solution to alleviate this situation, if that’s possible. I even help Black Magic in the place where it goes. Want to capture the AVCHD format with the help timeline? It’s just that time really adds methods by clicking and dragging is designed to eliminate.

  36. dhelmly

    Bob – it is very easy to work with AVCHD, but you are right that playback on most systems is in the best case studies. In fact, requires a rapid series processors.The dual emission is 32-bit operating system with this current procs. With CS5, we were able to bring real 64-bit processing and WIN OSX, and the difference is incredible. The end result is basically the same, more importantly, with CS5 able to play smoothly timeline during editing. We try to see that in the video that is very computationally intensive.

  37. bobsee88

    My first experience with a Sony AVCHD HDR-SR12 is impressive, but editing in CS4 is not that impressive. Filters favorites are requently Shadow / Highlight and constant movement with quick color correction. This combination is completely stalled, even scrub to really get to editing the other. But CS4 offers some simple editing AVCHD. Elsewhere I have heard solutions can be used for conversion to another format. But if so, what format? Why this lack?

  38. dhelmly

    For burns dynamic link from Premiere to Encore, and a DVD – pretty painless. HD Web – Use the format: H264 YoutubeHD and select. PC and Mac games and the Web

  39. mioumiou321

    Sony HDR-XR520 I have … How I can get a DVD with the best quallity? …. and then …… in full high definition PC Please reply …. Thanks

  40. mmiles54

    I have this camera and will not play properly or something in CS4

  41. sjoerdgames4

    Well I have a Canon VIXIA HF S10 and settings when I export my video? I do not know which version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 that I use, but it is 4.2. Hope you can help!

  42. dhelmly

    If you are looking for the computer or playing online. Select the H264 format, and then the WidescreenHD Youtube. The quality is very good. Forget what YouTubeHD says, is basically a universal format.

  43. SkateAgent

    Hello Ive got a Panasonic HDC SD9, I can get the best quality, you should get, can you please tell me what to export it as? The levels of bit rate and so on, please! We really need the best settings

  44. DirtyKonvict

    will debut in 3-second delay, and after I did. its jsut my computer apparently. sent the Toa render friend of mine and it works very well for themselves. QuickTime-synchronized sound i sent said. I put in my new graphics card, however, I think now ahve jsut do not overlap. will let you know if it works. Health!

  45. dhelmly

    It’s the sound in a delay of 3 seconds after doing something in the end, like YouTube HD?

  46. DirtyKonvict

    The tutorial is very helpful. I haev a problem tho not sure if I lost my video or not int .. but the sound is off in my file. everything runs smoothly, but the sound is delayed a good 3 seconds .. Any idea why?

  47. dhelmly

    Yes – you need (to be published 4.2, that the end of October 2009) 4.1 enhances many changes in the AVCHD Playback 4.1.

  48. iFilm7

    ummm … I have CS4 4.0 (I looked at Premiere of “on”), why do I have to upgrade to 4.1? In addition, playback of AVCHD as well keep it with (4.0) In addition, I have never original folders intact, just drag and drop. MTS files to a folder on my computer and it works fine! Why do I need the whole folder structure? Thank you! (:

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