Tomas Firm Launches Website for free motion backgrounds


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Footage Firm, the leader in sales of archive footage, is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a new website offering free and professional quality of the supply of funds movement can be used in a variety of video editing programs and presentation software. The new website is like moving backgrounds free and open to everyone!

were delighted with motion backgrounds for free association, says CEO Joel Holland Footage Firm. This website is just one more way to us. Much needed media in the hands of those who need it can do, and hope to create a positive awareness of our products at the same time

Free movement of funds

currently offers six different categories of moving backgrounds, ranging from animated flowers, light and energy loops. The website was launched in early 2012 to life and already offers a large library of free funds that can be downloaded immediately.

Each clip is available in three different file formats (. wmv,. avi and mov.) to make sure it works with any software platform presentation or video editing. These funds are moving corporate presentations, educational, religious services, video editing and compositions are used. All clips are absolutely and totally free royalty-free, is available on the website.

To take advantage of the free movement of funds take, all you have to do, visit the website at You can create an account by entering your email address or register with Facebook. Once the account is created, you have unlimited access to download as many images as you want, whenever you want, at no charge.

be registered within one month after its launch, more than 11,000 user accounts in free and as new content is added to the site’s popularity will continue to grow.

That looks good, thanks for the site. My productions are much better! Eric Jullien

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