Tippin’ Drue: Green Screen Lighting Effects with Adobe Premier Pro CS5 – FIXED!


Subscribe to Tippin’Drue. This is a new channel from youtube.com/nexxgendrue. I had to separate the channels to become sponsored. I decided to have a quick post to explain how to use green/blue screen with lighting effects in adobe premier pro cs5. The problem is that when you add lighting effects in adobe premier the green screen footage also is effected by it so it creates a problem with your keying out. (ultrakey) So the work around is to edit your video, key it out, export it as quicktime with no compression at full render size, import into new project, then add your backgrounds and lighting effects onto your new movie clip. Any better workarounds please let me know in the comments! Thanks! Twitter: @Nexxgendrue Comedy Channel: www.youtube.com/nexxgendrue
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  1. TippinDrue

    Thanks for the info I will look into it. I actually got a nice stand and chroma green paper so the ultra key worked with nearly no adjustments its nice. So whats the process you key it out and export with alpha channel to go into premier? Or put the backgrounds in after effects too? Sorry, After Effects is the one program my college didn’t teach and I barely even opened.

  2. collincarey22

    Use KeyLight. It is a plug-in that comes with after effects and is pretty damn good at keying green screen. There are endless options to mess with the Screen matte and other parts of the key to get the best possible key from your footage. I strongly urge you not to use the keyer in Premiere. It is sub-Par. Just mess around with keylight and see what you can get. Hope it helps. Cheers

  3. TippinDrue

    after effects for green screening video? i dont use after effects to much i use other programs and plugins for special effects so idk.. but i know ultra keying is a good way. Interested to know. Thanks.

  4. collincarey22

    Use after effects. That is what its for. Premier is an editing program.

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