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UPDATE: This may be from 04.16.2012, have been fixed. Thank you all for the positive comments and support! — READ — more information below if you have problems with this job! Many private feedback messages to be answered are therefore the most important answeres. Thank you for optimimalization SGToverkillCOD: I really need a new background on my playlists. If you have any experience with the bottoms of the channels, please contact me. You can promote your username in this context, making your own channel. Tell me, what is a tutorial to make the next 😉 (It is likely that this will not work. Thanks for your time). — For more information —- you can upgrade up to 36 hours of your thumb nail. – You will work with all the editing software. – If not in the suggestion box that you do with your thumbnail or more before doing so. – Your specialist in picture is not in the source of news and YouTube smartphone applications. – To change the preview of a video is finished, you can cut for new proposals in miniature. However, this is not as effective as after this video tutorial. – * Important * When you update information about the video, do not use the “Edit” in Manager video! Why? Because for every change you make, which is the thumbnail to the proposal recently in thumbnail view “cut” to update the video. Go to your video and select “Edit” instead! Song: Ronald Jenkees – Throwing Fire enjoy!
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In this tutorial we will cover how to add simple effects palette images and effects and presets to find specific plug-ins. We will also observe the effects of popular and commonly used.

  1. Orangeballso1o

    How do you download a video, in 1 minute

  2. DusterCoat

    Is not there an easier way?

  3. theZombieBub

    Well, I did the video, he said, and put the image in the video that was uploaded Ende.Wenn, I like to see the image, and went to the Extensions tab. I cut the video and when he had finished, the preview was not my usual, and I can not reconfigure it. What should I do? : (

  4. FreshlyCrafted

    Why can not we be partners YouTube chance to shine? : (

  5. sems1193

    Is this seriously how everyone on YouTube great? I find it …. idk what’s the word … officer? Guess what? lol. I do not know, though. I always thought it was some kind of special key or something.

  6. Tehcupcakegamer

    WHERE video called Bear lolololol: P

  7. GrimLP

    The image is a screenshot of the video, I do not see how with the help of a partner role.

  8. 1XxM0DzGlitchesXx

    Sony Vegas Pro

  9. Bobby Hoysy
    Bobby Hoysy06-11-2012

    @ SirRawdoglet SAME!

  10. KBzJ0krZz

    What is this software

  11. 74Stuffs


  12. PandaZockt

    U know, u could be reported and blocked on Youtube? U’re to use with a partner, without a license.

  13. GingerSpice414

    I tried it, but changed again when finished. Oh, well.

  14. hejsantxu

    The preview disappears to trim the clip or oo

  15. FreazerburnedRIFT

    Put it, that is Listed above the private option allows people to see if they have the link.

  16. leaf16nut

    does not work …

  17. NerdyGuyNamedJoe

    if … the video after editing the preview changed. Someone must be with a solution or an alternative way to replicate the preview of jumps. Become a YouTube partner seems very difficult compared to this. Not to mention the help of thumbnail images that are found in the video, which can increase your chances, a partner of YouTube.

  18. Naruto1234119

    and why some are private vids>: (

  19. GingerSpice414

    Thanks for this upload!

  20. MrRock1235

    private press, some people like to check your Youtube videos? Was told to check out your account or something?

  21. IWillEatURobloxStyle

    Thank you. It helps so much!

  22. TheGameOfLegends

    Thanks this helped a lot,

  23. TheGameOfLegends

    Is likely to use Sony Vegas

  24. sdragon919

    what your video editor to use?

  25. ArandomGoblin

    No, cut the video so did not see the preview u.

  26. TheTacticalChipmunk

    NICE: D

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