three-year-old Sofia Super Save CHICKEN save the planet!


4-year-old Sophia and Bella in the Super baby Sophia! Save to save the chicken, the world. Guest star, Patrick Nalts, like the patch This was our first attempt at green screen footage. You can see the end of the video, such as green construction paper taped to the wall and viola! Uploaded on 22 April 12, 2007 not April 2012. Subscribe to our channel: Our Twitter: Thanks for the support, click the uncle, and Register SHARE We have been making videos about 5 years or more! © THE MOVIES FUNNY BABY: I want a puppy now lollipop! Mama I’m so angry! of quandary Bella Mama Put the camera down! Can be watch this without smiling? I Want My Penny! Sofia of Phantom of the Opera Singing Mamma More More! Baby Bella refuses to say: This is Stinky Poo With Mom: Makeup Tutorial Fine hilarious: incredible Sofia Morning Beautiful song! Baby Singing Santa Claus comes to town first haircut baby Bella: friend of Bella’s Lullaby Bella Sophia . com www most fun commercial register. YouTube. com crying on the birthday of straw You Be Quiet! mirror of cutest baby kissing baby I’m on strike! for baby Sophia and Bella … cheese and cheese
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  1. MrImmobile

    They did a good job! My nephew almost 6 months and just said, dadadada. My sister would be the preferred mamama, but she is happy, he says. I can not wait to do interesting things like this with him. I could buy a full length green dress, so I’ve become invisible and fly around 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and hope that you and the girls are great!

  2. Try2MakeSenseOrSTFU

    I hope not blame the movie. His children are incredible. = D

  3. MuggleSam

    LOL the best!

  4. MuggleSam


  5. MuggleSam

    This was our first time and not even thinking about light. It was recorded only in the light green paper stuck to the wall LOL

  6. MuggleSam

    Thank you!

  7. MuggleSam


  8. MuggleSam

    yes 🙂

  9. MuggleSam

    Thank you!

  10. MuggleSam

    hahahah 🙂

  11. MuggleSam

    Thanks again!

  12. cutelibs27

    That is the cutest chicken I’ve ever seen!

  13. beaker3ly

    Ask another super-Sophia!

  14. idunnyr

    I missed the video soo much! It’s adorable! It has beautiful girls remind me of my sisters when I was younger (now 10 and 13) were.

  15. MrImmobile

    These wonderful children. My nephew is 5 Monthss. I can not wait until I can do things like this with him! 🙂 Did you do need big lights on a green screen or does it in a brightly lit room in order. I want to get one. POSSIBLE are endless: D Thanks for this was very funny.

  16. bananastockings

    this is sooo adorable. I looove your videos! <3

  17. Try2MakeSenseOrSTFU

    “I will save woozit!” : D hahahahaa

  18. Madison0714

    This is the way to YouTube to say, we are wayyyyyy overdue for a new super-Sophia video! : O)

  19. MonicaTheMad

    Oh, that was a riot!

  20. soccerrules5000

    Oh, my God, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!

  21. MuggleSam

    I have it from an old magazine from Martha Stewart Halloween 🙂

  22. stephosaurus123

    Where is the world has a lovely chicken suit? Haha I love it! Bravo

  23. MuggleSam


  24. serendipity4212

    This is my favorite! Glad to see you again!

  25. MuggleSam

    LOL 🙂

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