The Valiant


The Valiant

Official Selection to Life Film Fest: Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival 2012 Backstory: In the 1920’s, a man turned himself in for a murder and was sentenced to die. He called himself James Dyke and refused to reveal his real name. On the day of the execution, a woman arrived thinking that he might be her long lost brother. In a last ditch effort to unlock “Dyke’s” identity the prison Warden allowed a private meeting. Screenplay is based on the play “The Valiant”, originally published in 1921, written by Holworthy Hall & Robert Middlemass. Cast: Christopher Damm as James Dyke Galina Pasternak as Josephine Paris Crew: Directed by Celik Kayalar Cinematography by Mick McGuinness Editing by Celik Kayalar, Christopher Damm, and Galina Pasternak Original music by Christopher Damm Actors coached by Celik Kayalar and Brian Degan Scott Produced at
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    i’d vote´╗┐ for it!

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