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tutorial is produced by: nonetheless have a expert intro, I do not thoughts paying for it, if it really is great! and does so in search of a motion tracking Rossi C4D ๐Ÿ™‚ Video Rating: 4/five

  1. K0nfu5ed

    tracks perfectly, but when used to solve the camera to move all the points where they want? W helps?

  2. PwoDEATH

    trying to “edit sequence” instead of “House Edit”

  3. xDoubleKProductionsx

    when exporting to the sequence only makes them go, like screenshots, please, not as fast as possible to help video

  4. CapPanizzoli

    DUDE Thanks yourre amazing! I subscribe I like my fav! thanks! ^ ^

  5. TheWinterEdits

    you’re welcome!

  6. TheMKVFX

    OMG! Many, thank you very much for the reminder. I had completely forgotten. You are my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. TheBGspikY

    Why, when I released the camera functions at the top of the preview window, I have seven camera turn left and shows only one I’ll pick just one channel and complete the entire video?

  8. Candydufus6

    Hey guys, you can see my video – “boujou to Maya 3D tracking test – New Car” at / watch? v = jPmFhD2Skw8Ich want to know if it looks realistic enough. Thanks again!

  9. LazeeNation

    Hello, my songs, but I can say boujou, the points are on the scene moving track. I made sure that all frame rates that are equal and the coordinates are right. So it’s not my 3D object is moving, pursuing either Wiggles or simply do not remain at the same point of the scene, any ideas?

  10. XxUnknownkillax

    How to make 3D objects is the same speed as the film?

  11. Triqing

    I did what I said

  12. TheWinterEdits

    Solution? What do ya: P

  13. Triqing

    I was not worried about there and now it barely moves

  14. TheWinterEdits

    make the video in MP4 format. I had the same problem. It worked for me. Now I have the problem, do not know why

  15. TheWinterEdits

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yup camera can use Tracker in AE

  16. TheWinterEdits

    Recently the same problem over and over again. But I have an original to lรถsen.Als First, I have my 3D object rendered in 30 fps. When I drag into After Effects, the 3D object in my video. As the problem we have; object stays where we want. So, here’s what I did: I have the 3D object and press” P” on the keyboard for the position. I took it as a place, and did keyframe about 80 frames in the same place. And he did. Only you have the slightly smaller scale. Problems? I p.m

  17. soma62

    Very good tutorial Thanks man! It helped a lot. Thanks again!

  18. Triqing

    sorry for sounding like an idiot, but how the hell I can change the frame rate of the 3D object? , D, is perfect because in my boujou test object, but its movement in C4D as hell, so how come you said! : P

  19. JosHxLaverY

    two texts can be used in a clip? like a text and then go to another pan

  20. rapsucksrockrocks

    boujou me is not an option for the frame rate?

  21. TahFlax

    sacred – like me teh last thing to make the sequence in which he says boujou truck. To initialize the error (300) The lack of AVI Loader. PLEASE HELP!

  22. CymanJonis

    or MP4

  23. TheWinterEdits

    Simply click on AE, 29.97 fps recommend, because when you upload your video to YouTube, YouTube is not more than 29.97 fps 59.94 fps load. So if you do, 59.94 fps, and it’s a waste of time when the provision …

  24. Thesami0078

    How is that? In Sony Vegas?

  25. ReignWeAre

    Adding texture c4d accidents! HELP

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