The Green Screen Handbook Brings Reality and fantasy together with results Cinematic


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If you have written movies with green technology screen composition, The Green Screen Graphics Manual writer, producer and movement specialist Jeff Foster, is just for you. Published by Sybex (Wiley) This unique book provides a comprehensive how-to of professional production techniques, step by step instructions and tips that will save you time and money. Learn when to use green screens instead of blue, how professionals operate in professional studios and impressive results – even on a tight budget.

Topics include matting and coding basics; setups using fabric, portable background panels, or paint, lighting and essential elements of digital cameras, switches broadcast hardware, professional HD and major film composition, several compounds Screen color (background, foreground, and objects), directed by storyboards and talent, working with virtual sets, motion tracking and more. A DVD accompanies the book contains sample images and all project files for each chapter.

carried According to Foster, “No one has provided such information combines a broad, historical research, practical application, accurate lighting, shooting and was installed in a book. My passion for this subject with twenty years of combined experience in a kind project, the production level of the green screen, from beginners to professionals will be better. “

Green Screen

manual is sold for $ 49.99 U.S. and is available and distributed worldwide through the book trade.

ISBN: 978-0-470-52107-6

Publisher: Sybex (Wiley) March 15, 2010

Paperback: 384 pages

“The Green Screen Handbook book has everything: interesting historical notes, uplifting technical background, pre-production practical advice and honest comparison of different hardware and software tools that will help you in your work is in the composition. struggle composition of a work of introducing should spend a few hours with Jeff’s book first, it will be time well spent “- .. Todd Kopriva, Adobe

“Jeff Foster has written the last Green Screen Handbook … a must-have educational resource for you to learn and master these technologies high-demand video.” – Rod Harlan, Layers magazine

“This is the manual for anyone who is with the green screen All you need to know is covered in detail ..” – Colin Smith, Photoshop Cafe

About Jeff Foster

Jeff was. production and training of traditional and digital images, photography, illustration, motion graphics and special effects for DV and film for over 20 years customers include Tribune Broadcasting, Motorola, Nestle, McDonnell Douglas, FOX Television, Spike TV, Discovery / TLC, Universal Studios and Disney. His best-seller entitled “After Effects and Photoshop – Animation and Production Effects for DV and Film,” offers tips and tricks for creating believable animations and special effects shows secrets of the pros has been used for years. Jeff has written and contributed to several After Effects and Photoshop pounds and was a speaker at Macworld, Photoshop World, Adobe MAX and NAB conferences. In addition to corporate and private clients for training Jeff is part of a team of teachers Adobe application. Jeff can be contacted through his company:


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