The 5 Deadly Sins of Amateur Video


A look at how to create better, more professional looking video by eliminating the 5 most common amateur mistakes. Want this in HD? Get it here: To learn more great video tips and tricks, download our free report “How to Make a Storyboard: Movie Storyboarding Examples” at

  1. Bajungadustin

    hmm.. video tips from a guy uploading in 240p? dont think so.. next

  2. tasherrerisay

    Funny, over exaggerated but we get the point. Thanks for the vid.

  3. celatino

    Amateur uploading…240p

  4. ZeroUnityGain

    Yeah and I found that drinking a bottle of scotch while shooting bareback from a camel during a desert storm in the middle of the night whilst trying to read the Koran didn’t help much either.
    Any more tips?

  5. NoizeGearIch


  6. DrThomasBarnes

    Good ideas…I keep upgrading the quality of my Youtube cosmetic surgery videos doing liposuction and breast enhancements while explaining procedures and secrets for best results and I get many more viewers and subscribers from all over the world. Dr. Thomas Barnes  Newport Beach, CA

  7. thesingingdude1

    what camera are u using

  8. plut0nian

    I thought the eyes were supposed to be 2 3rds of the way up the screen, not 4 5ths as you were in the frame, at times.. I thought it looked ok, but I would have lowered the eye level.

  9. watchMEshyne

    Please check out my short films : )

  10. aomimezura11

    ooh ooh! forgot to take off the lens cap. 😀

  11. newschoolcajon

    another amateur mistake is..ahem.. seeing the cameraman in the reflection of a window?

  12. filqnkishiq

    agree, there are immense numbers of foolishly made videos who just can get you nut
    like when the cameraman making unpleasant noise either with the very camera (like clicking or tapping) or eating or playing with something.

  13. meeshasworld

    I had a good giggle on the firehosing mistake! You’re right, people do move the camera like that if they don’t have the concept of framing in their head as most amateurs do not–this reminded me of the footage my boyfriend shot the first time I allowed him to take the camera. We got a bit seasick watching it back and he even shot footage of the dog–5 minutes worth–with the camera upside down.
    Thanks so much for the video!

  14. indyfag

    there’s a difference between emulating documentary and shooting handheld (verite) and waving the cam around like micheal j fox at a slamdance show (amateur). He made valid points, and never really got into handheld shooting for that matter. He didn’t say don’t do it, he just gave tips on how to not do it like a fuckwit.

  15. 0MoesArt0

    im pretty sure thats a Sony A1

  16. EsquireStudios

    this doesn’t make any sense with the cmaera movement, hasn’ this guy ever heard of cinema verite? or seen any of Malicks movies?

  17. kazyBarbarian

    im suprised there wasnt any white balance.

  18. TashaD001

    Great job!

  19. MulleniumStudios

    My friends and I are involved in our own larger film project. All we have to show for it currently is a teaser trailer of it that doesn’t tell too much about the story yet but it’s an action suspense flick. I don’t think we made any of these mistakes, but we wouldn’t mind some feedback on it. Just click on our channel. Thanks!

  20. karvak1492

    Excellent tutorial. Verry good.

  21. TheX4Rida

    i dont normally subscribe.. but ill subscribe to you.

  22. smosh41sp

    Check out a little documentary I did on my channel!

  23. talashtv

    Thank you videomaker team thank you YOUTUBE 😛

  24. brianmead

    This would be more useful if you didn’t exaggerate your example so much and used more real world scenarios. Also, 6th deadly sin: avoid shooting your subject so high above their eye level (unless for some artistic effect).

  25. TheSmashingApples

    whats the camcorder that your using for the demonstrations though?

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