Testing Robot Puppet BJD composition and outcomes


The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the possibilities of animation of a ball action figure doll to test the use of plastic. In addition to seeing the results of bad lighting and composition problems. The hope that this video will inspire others to experiment with the composition and construction of wrist hinge (BJD) is for the animation of puppets. Software used: After Effects / Dragon Stop Motion Camera: Canon Rebel XS / Lumix DMC FZ50
Video Rating: 5/5

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Today I want to show my latest work for the TV show online HIP’nB: I have this decoration animation studio in Adobe After Effects. Would you be interested in depth tutorials? from www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. starwarsboy7705

    looks better then cgi

  2. stopmotionmagazine

    Use track mattes, be sure to keep the original color of your wrist, then set a tone and saturation and only the green channel, so that you can change the color green can keep a puppet to your.

  3. stopmotionmagazine

    The Eraser tool in After Effects is the only alternative at present. It works!

  4. stopmotionmagazine

    After Effects 6 is awesome! I can still use 6.5 times as the Foundation deflicker deflicker no tinder box. You can still do a lot of 6!

  5. stopmotionmagazine

    You can always use the same accounts! I’ll have a tutorial in the future. At the moment I am struck with the visual effects work. Hold on I will show you some tricks.

  6. stopmotionmagazine

    You should checkout the magazine’s website. There are links to software.

  7. grimoxz11

    can you please send me the link or the software you use … first in the manufacturer of the film in stop-motion … could someone please help me

  8. NeoDarkArckan

    Can you instructions on how to make a doll of the patella? I know how, but I have trouble finding the pearls. There are two beads connected by a nylon thread. Do you know the name of the supplier to carry?

  9. cuppajoesugar

    Another factor which is the focus of the camera and image quality. if the image is lower resolution, the edges are far from perfect

  10. kforcool

    beautiful doll friend got me ID After Effects 6, probably a bit out of date by now

  11. marcofthedark

    Ask John: From Painting vector CS5 was removed, there is a similar tool that does the same? Or any other method that is recommended for users of CS5?

  12. kezadrone

    Six shot was great, the end result. The alert light and look good movie there.

  13. meltingcastle

    Thank you. I am going to study, except for her.

  14. stopmotionmagazine

    Do you really want to use Keylight in After Effects. It is built in a spill suppressor. The edges are green and spills are the result of being too close to the screen or by bouncing the light of other objects in the scene again on your wrist. There are a lot more information than this, you must understand that when doing a chroma-key scene. Look around the tube and find some good tutorials.

  15. meltingcastle

    Awesome video. I wonder if maybe someone could give me some advice … If I use a green screen, sometimes I have the green belts around the wrist. Is it just a matter of enlightenment? Is there a tool that helps get rid of it? I use the Color Key effect in AfterEffects.

  16. animaxindustries

    Thanks for answering my question, and if you are in this book are becoming that” will be sure to buy one.

  17. stopmotionmagazine

    I have to make the doll. Unfortunitely the process is very complex and I would not describe in a position to comment in this area, or even a 15 minute video. I’m in the process of writing a few books and one of them is doing, what little BJD Dolls. You can even have a limited edition Build your own team in the future. 50 sets available. But first for the first time through this mountain of videos and magazines issues. In addition to a doctorate in production now.

  18. stopmotionmagazine

    Of course. There is a video light to be in a few months.

  19. animaxindustries

    Wow! Big deal. Thanks for answering my previous question a few months again. Question: Does the wrist, if so, how? Thank you.

  20. stopmotionmagazine

    It was difficult because the movement is so weak. I think this can be solved with more tension on the wire inside the doll. But also in the construction of the joints. An armature moves the ball much better. But for the sake of experimentation, which was quite successful.

  21. peasoupstudio

    I’ve experimented with this type of composition at the amateur level as well, and found the lighting to be the biggest problem. I would like to know more about the lights they use, or what the solutions are.

  22. mujawooja

    useful video about stop-motion problems and solutions Bernie

  23. cartoonmarc

    It seems that the doll was to encourage than perfect?

  24. locostbamboo

    That’s fine!

  25. langalot

    It looks great! Some of the recordings are more successful than others, but it seems you get to grips with the whys and why have not they. The subtlety of the animation itself is great! I think you’re right … The lighting will make a big difference. In general, however, brilliant!

  26. azcomputerguru

    I love to see a step by step in this virtual study

  27. exes9378

    Please make a tutorial. Good job

  28. chrispederson32

    I’m teaching a class next fall editing, video and want an introduction as ESPN sports show. You seem to know what you’re doing … I want a step by step guide I can send it to? Or just me? That would be great!

  29. MusicBySav

    Great job, would like to see a tutorial =]

  30. gundeep1123

    Tutorial please 🙂

  31. gundeep1123

    But in his German

  32. TawpDog

    What are the specifications of your computer?

  33. dvdguru

    I am interested in this tutorial!

  34. tabilay

    Does the tutorial!

  35. YELTNARB27

    I’d really like a tutorial on this topic. I shoot a video statement, and I really like the virtual studio to sell. New to AE, or at least tell me where is the information I need to find to build a studio. as the latter.

  36. benjooo

    The man, please give us a good template, Hello from Bosnia

  37. SuperLanzamiento

    very nice video .. it looks real .. good work my frend. I want the same .. d can youexplain how you did it?

  38. beking4real

    VAT not want to do a project studio effect …. I would also like a tutorial! …….

  39. 1simonmatthews

    Is not it great, what you can do with After Effects! Would you ask to do some more tutorials, but I think some people have suggested to me haha! Maybe you could be a real TV show After Effects techniques to shoot? There are definitely not enough material for a range! Thanks for the uploads, and good luck for your future productions! 🙂

  40. urdreamtv

    Tutorial I need a template for the show to do!

  41. wmuir16

    I am looking for software like dieseim trying to show a little more difficult with the effects, but the software is to make a TV show to find

  42. abbz247

    DIS @ Sebafilmlov hope u can make a tutorial of scrach thks

  43. WillFireStudios

    Please Tutorial

  44. yna26uk

    Hey, great video! Tutorial please! Thank you! 🙂


    Please and thank Tutorial

  46. lassurditadellalogic

    Hello! I am using for my site movement. My problem is that I use a motion template, import it into one of my photos, rasterize all layers into the timeline and then export the project to my website wollen.Wie I can do? Thanks lassurditadellalogicita

  47. Ntahangwa

    I would also like a tutorial!

  48. sebanfilm

    I will do my best to get some new content online! Today a lot of work to do for German TV!

  49. Boboworld

    Great video! I would love a tutorial! Thank you.

  50. freestylefilmsinc

    please go to a tutorial

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