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leopard leotard costume video-phone. The covers are always difficult to do, I have two previous ones (the Nazis actually for my movies) did, but this time I tried it with a different style. Now I had a piece of cardboard inside the cover, while the last time you did the covers easy with fabric and sewing machine. Very good result I could say. And I built a studio green screen footage this time, but I’m a little chroma key effect in Pinnacle Studio, disappointment left a blurry outline around me. But better than nothing anyway. Music: Phone (Remix Electrolightz) and (Rosen Dr. Rosen Remix)
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  1. SireSasa

    No, but I have other templates cover in my videos Fame Ball “GAGA” LoveGame cap and baseball cap.

  2. AndrejOrsolicVEVO

    1:47 I messed that part like 3 times: P Can you post the template, or say what the stock it: Spor favor. : D

  3. SireSasa

    Hmm, in tiedä. Aika is about Hankala isotöinen yes, Enka uudelleen tiedä viitsinkä tehdä. 40 ehkä Euroa.

  4. SuperSALE10

    tommonen maljonko Hattu maksaa Ilman Tota huppua?

  5. SireSasa

    I can not believe, we know that

  6. danielucas0123

    You can dress origamy Monster Ball? APPLICATION

  7. SireSasa

    Thank you. More videos? I am already 78 and I am getting more all the time! You can see all my videos on my channel launch.

  8. xSamTOXICx

    Oh God, you’re so bright you need to do more videos!

  9. SireSasa

    The latter is thicker.

  10. GaGaMonster1118

    What is the difference between cardboard and cardboard?

  11. SireSasa

    Along with many many screenshots together in Photoshop.

  12. TheMrzakwan

    How do u have the background ……….. Pussy Wagon?

  13. SireSasa

    Firearms. The model of arms in support of gun M16 Alejandro Lady Gaga. About $ 1000 each. Or you can buy airsoft guns for a much lower price. Then you need an iron will that saw them cut in half, to give them a screw fastener, a fastener and additional leather straps to hold the weight of the weapons you can find out befestigen.Oder easiest way to make weapons fire such as plastic pipe and foam.

  14. dwe38

    Siresasa, you know, I can use to make the gun bra?

  15. SireSasa

    From a fabric store. I’m sure you are somewhere around you.

  16. sebastianino89

    what the store you bought, you have the fabric

  17. SireSasa

    The end result can be seen at the end of the video is, as I always do. The first roar was just for fun.

  18. BellaOfBacardi

    Unless the “fear” should be Flash 5.3, the “bottom.” I would like the final result of the project was first gezeigt.Es only makes the rest of the video is worth …

  19. azlilola1


  20. SireSasa

    Well, you’re right. But the thing is, I have no masks, helmets, headgear and clothing for so long I can do almost everything. Some things are harder than others, for me, but you can always get it to look like a piece of cake to do. That is gone too, because I can edit out the unnecessary parts of video. And thanks!

  21. azlilola1

    doo u said lid is tottaly super hard …….. But I see or do its very simple .. i u are super creative and …..

  22. SireSasa

    It may take more than one object from the Gaga concert tours, but craved the main interest in the music video costumes for long. And yes, has the glory of glass without crystals in various colors, I have seen of turquoise.

  23. billzrockin09

    I remember wearing the hat of Fame The Tour Ball, who had a rose, so, I think you should do a lot of his stuff out of the famous ball, I could use the yellow version of the glasses to fame Ball was famous for Just Dance, is not the same as glasses, but without yellow crystals 🙂

  24. CharlieTheCherry

    I am! I have fear of almost everything ahah OMG, I would make a sweet little crazy xD I hate the cuts! I would like to be immortal, but I think it might be boring, donno: SERM, I’m still singing well, I think it was better but not have the skills to go more than that. And the rest, I’m too lazy and damage, which is what I did well in my = (

  25. SireSasa

    Thank you! Are you afraid of hot glue? I had burned her fingers several times and I have cut my hands often with knives, but hey, that’s life! It will kill me, I am immortal! Haha! I wish! Hmm, that was good in art, crafts and music and interesting! What happened, you’re no good? They will be even better if you keep practicing it! 🙂

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