TEA PARTY film inspired Next steps for the Conservative Movement with 200 Cinematic Tea Parties Nationwide


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TEA PARTY: The Documentary has quickly defended one of the largest projects of its kind based on recent history. The release of a preview of the film will generate over 200 local organizations across the country to the deliberations of the council on the principles of the movement and what’s next for the millions who have been involved in. The film is already international attention Recent interviews on British radio discuss the impact of the U.S. tea parties elsewhere.

film directly addresses the controversies surrounding the movement and the accusations of racism, political partisanship, major issues such as health and balance of the direct costs of terrorist acts against some groups, debates over quantity and size, if the movement is really driven and promoted by special interests large bases. The film profiles participation of minorities within minorities through discussions. It has to do with the motivation of those attending the rally-like principle – motivated by fiscal conservatism, respect for the constitutional limits of the federal government and the free market. The influence often discussed the rallies is directed by government officials and insiders in the movement. Reports of well-financed special interests will be answered by a series of large groups themselves. The film follows the story behind the scenes of doctors assault the Capitol, including the actual bomb threats regarding major groups. Finally, it focuses on the story of five people heading to the March 912 in Washington and beyond experience.

“TEA PARTY” Video film is the work of Low (VCG), in Woodstock, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. The project began in mid-April when owner Luke Livingston, a group of local filmmakers, was chronicled history Tea Party had met since its inception. The team began collecting video of groups across the country and coordinate in order. Most of the shots behind the scenes in a number of important events, including the shooting of 09 to 12 March in Washington Chief Pritchett actions “Cotten observed the most impressive things normal people like Jack [a character the film] Step politically inactive during a speech at a local rally participate in the march and meeting with his deputy in Congress. ” Mr. Livingston says: “People who have earned the Tea Party tells her story in an honest, inspiring to the essence of who gets what, conservatives moved to action.” Producer Jessica Levai says: “This movement transcends racial and gender barriers.”

Funding for the project came from several individual donors, Mr. Livingston himself and donated time of the crew at work on a speculative basis. The finished film will be released straight to DVD (not film) Thanksgiving and can be ordered by http://www.TeaPartyMovie.com and several other national organizations. Pre orders are available until November 21 at an affordable price of $ 18.95 with free shipping and handling.

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