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Color Keying


Utilized keylight to get rid of the green screen footage added a nevertheless image for background and added lens blur and shadows to add depth, a small color correction to match, and added muzzle flare and bullet casings all in immediately after effects with the aid from a videocopilot tutorial. Video Rating: five / five

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After Effects – Basic Color Grading

20 In this tutorial you will learn how to create a basic color grading using the ‘hue , ‘brightness and contrast’ and ‘glow’ effects.Tutorial is givin by Jordy Vandeput from the Yapper Design Team. Check out for more information about video, photo and audio techniques. We also have a blog where people can share their idees and problems and …

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Photoshop Tutorial: Only a single color in a image! HD


In this tutorial we will learn to use a single color in an image in Photoshop CS3. Be sure to subscribe because it will be a new tutorial every week. Follow me on Twitter @ RiverCityGraphx How to find us on Facebook: Suggest tutorials in the project files, support forums, and much more please visit http for business …

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After Effects Series – ALIEN Invasion FAIL !! (Correct Color HD)


We all scared of some ALIEN invasion, I guess because of those UFO movies.. But Do you ever think if this could happen? LOL All special effects done in After Effects CS4, and composing all in Sony Vegas Pro 9. And this is the Re-Upload Version with True Color HD Directed and edited by me, Diwantara (Tara) As (not-so-care) young …

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Mommy 8 # Photoshop Color Palette Green Screen


Visit mom: PHOTOS by Nora Canfield at the election of one or more lists here Subscribe to mom IMPORTANT INFORMATION HERE! We do a lot of artists, the requirement that the chroma key background, I think, because the import of video software, chroma key features available. With that said, if you are in the process of photographic …

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Right after correction of color effects tutorial


A tutorial for CCA upload it to the color correction, unfortunately, coudln’t Jack, so I invite you to assign it to my site instead. Please leave comments on what my next tutorial should be on. Thank you! Can we still 200 people like me, this series and go through everything in my editing suite! Do not forget to comment, as, …

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Tutorials – Color Correction Pack #2 – Sony Vegas


Just like I promised you all here’s my color correction pack for getting 150 likes on my last video! Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe! Pack download link: Virus scan just in case: New Gamertag: Zebo Edits ____ Follow me on Twitter: @DareZebo Like my fan page on Facebook: ____ Dare Steeze (Outro): …

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Immediately after Effects tutorial with no essential color – green screen footage, blue screen, and so on. and Part 2


As Fazer Mont agens color essential utilizing Following Effects without having nest videos showed Element 2 of Como Como Fazer efeitos screen color green crucial, blue screen, and so on. This is crucial and em uma Efeito particular correlation Choose video That Tudo é cor Desta number and flags Chart, Assim yes n we tax the algorithm to a certain …

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Immediately after Effects tutorial without essential color – green screen footage, blue screen, etc. Component 1 and


As Fazer Mont agens not using color key After Effects Part 1 Part 2: nest showed videos Como Como Fazer color key efeitos green screen footage, blue screen, etc. This is key and em Select Efeito uma Tudo é determined and video number Desta Chart That cor cor transparent Assim yes n we tax algorithm to a particular com …

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Final Cut Pro Tutorial Fundamental Color Correction: White Balance and Color Matching


Part 3 of 3. Written footnotes coming soon. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Vote in the comments below!!! Guests Hk6 – ButcherboyToma – Element – Video Rating: 4 / 5

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