Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Walkthrough (UNLOCK iPhone 4 Baseband bonds all or any firmware)



a tutorial and critique of the Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus). I gave it and recommend you do too. The best feature is its Supreme Unlock GEVEY untethered. That, you can start your new iPhone, remove the SIM tray, etc, and you have to do the unlock process again. Supreme GEVEY http (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) Supreme GEVEY (Pro Plus) tutorial
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. kamley13

    I did 4:11:08 and 5.0.1 and AT & T is closed I can not work?

  2. ibecirovic97

    Will the 5.0.1 baseband 4:11:08 IOS? Please, I need thissss respong

  3. MrKakkar03

    Work will IOS5 4:11:08 band? Accidentally updated

  4. jiuchan

    I want to know about that too!

  5. jiuchan

    We will work with the iPhone 4 with baseband 1.0.13

  6. jiuchan

    my cousin and his band is an iPhone 4:11:08 4 with IOS 5.0.1. However, will be unlockable?

  7. cesartse

    Works for iPhone 5.0.1 baseband 4:11:08 4 iOS?

  8. furjan100

    Admin, I bought a new iPhone 4 8GB Apple Store How are you doing to thank the 5.0.1 firmware?

  9. FilsterTech

    Great video 🙂 So, it works with all firmwares IOS-5?

  10. RikMuilwijk

    Thank you! Today is my GEVEY came and I started right away! It took a lot of patience on the reps, but worth it! Thanks again for making this video, I’m in IOS 5 B7, BB runs 4:11:04 and NL KPN network. The full signal and 3G will work as before! PS To GEVEY others, works best 😉 patience to follow instructions and wait until all the messages pop up. (I’ve never had a bar of signal processing all though).

  11. TrickShotzTuTorials

    Does it work with the new baseband 4:11:08? I upgraded to the new baseband, no respect for my old band, so I know there is! PLEASE?

  12. xDaveTheMusicManx

    Does it work with the new baseband 4:11:08? I upgraded to the new baseband, no respect for my old band, so I know there is! PLEASE?

  13. DJxSunshine

    Great video 🙂 So, it works with all firmwares IOS-5?

  14. radutubeman

    However, before you go on T-Mobile and then on the same network, T-Mobile. So the network that are actually right?

  15. Krojd2

    I have 4Gen iPhone (4.3.3, 4:10:01) and the top GEVEY just does not work. I go through the tutorial and I did not even GEVEY pop-up (the instructions of what I get is “there is no SIM card installed”) I’m from the Czech Republic and try to play with Micro SIM Vodafone do not know, it is not The problem?

  16. ROFLitZjEffReY

    It is best to use the iPhone 4 with AT & T, then T-Mobile, because if u use to advantage only from T-Mobile, but if you use it with AT & T, you get 3G

  17. 6mofail

    Video very clear and useful. My problem is that whenever I have the airplane mode and installed forward of the two messages do not have a SIM card failure or SIM, you are receiving this message, instead of what I tell the news to me I have a new voicemail and asks if I want to answer or ignore. It happens at the exact moment that the SIM card would be good news. So, any new company coming, my phone is not unlocked, and says they have no service. I try to use a tmobile prepaid monthly plan.

  18. jhopgf

    How did you do FaceTime on the phone and you could tell me the Internet settings, thanks?

  19. ROFLitZjEffReY

    not the best GEVEY Ultra?

  20. stewkid2193

    So I bought this today, and my “E” does not seem so stupid! Waste of money! Anything I can do?

  21. reprezentpr

    SMA if I have $ 60 I will be capable of anything you can use SMS, MMS and Internet?

  22. Pubbin

    So if you say that this is useful for international travelers do not mean that if u unlock the phone you can use GSM towers everywhere and avoid the incredibly expensive international charges of ur company? I had this problem recently when he traveled to Canada, it would be nice if I could handle it

  23. awesome12bm

    How did you get 5 iOS

  24. TheAjulla

    Hello, I always SIM card in the iPhone say they put the SIM card installed please help

  25. jjdoctor401

    Very nice video … It is necessary to explain this reality GPRS will not work. He was always thinking GEVEY or ULTRA SUPREME GEVEY. Which is better? All I see is that there is no need to jailbreak for Supreme GEVEY that picks up signals faster. Ultra GEVEY need jailbreak and takes 1-2 minutes to get the signals. But GPRS is GEVEY Ultra? Both are unlocked with no strings attached

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