Supply SDK Tutorial – Very first Map tutorial utilizing Hammer


This video is now obsolete. Click on the hyperlink beneath for the NEW video. For the 1st tutorial in the new series, click Here
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  1. FunDiCod1

    sorry, when i start i can’t do nothin and there is write errore node graph, please rebuild

  2. geerterig

    Help! When i’m making a map, and i want ti see a preview with the camera, i cant see any textures HELP D:

  3. fishtankfreak

    How come I can make changes, but then they wont show up when I try to run the map? I have saved and such.

  4. RealityGamingVideos

    I can only to 1 or 64 and on and on, only full blocks, not hlaf blocks like 34 or something… HELP!

  5. MarquesBKS

    you make it look so simple! thanks for these videos im really looking for playing with the sdk 🙂

  6. TheeSuccessfulTroll

    Nice one changeing texture dosent work… U do it way to fast what did u click on when the window opens up? the texture or what

  7. FactioneX

    I’m so lost on this.

  8. Ldinos

    put triggers in front of the wall and an ambient_generic and press cntr+f to the trigger. Make trigger_multiple and go to outputs: OnStartTouch -> ambient_generic -> PlaySound
    and OnEndTouch -> ambient_generic -> StopSound

  9. monkeynade126

    You could at least make mods or something, you might be good at it.

  10. ActhungPanzerIV

    Right click the box > make hollow.

  11. suergiffen

    Hey 3kliksphilp
    When I press CTRL + H, nothing happens how can I get the menu up in a different way?

  12. Leopold Slitts
    Leopold Slitts07-30-2012

    For some reason whenever I get on it and I want to see my texture all I see it as is wireframe, can you please help me? I need to make a machinima soon

  13. Hibofobi

    Hold your mouse over the 3d screen and go to, View – 3d textured polygons.

  14. 1GhettoItalian

    Then buy CS:S

  15. EasyCompanyEagle

    Simply, u can’t. Because u would need to test the map and testing a CS:S map in TF2 just doesn’t work cuz they don’t have the same designs.

  16. stevelovescoolwhip

    How do you make air vents? Anyone?

  17. MrMan1940

    hi can someone tell me how to make maps for a game you dont own with hammer because my friend wants me to make a map for him in CSS but i dnt own this game anyone know how to do this???

  18. SheppardOfDeath

    what website would you recommend for materials for mapmaking

  19. GRKoKoOo

    Great totorial

  20. tf2tworules

    I added you on steam: Sgt Don, accept my FR, I seriously need some help with my map :/

  21. tf2tworules

    I always make a skybox but it never works, also, the lighting I used from your other tutorials COMPLETELY fail, its always dark, the shadows are messed up, help anyone?

  22. QstyDude

    total agree

  23. l4dlovemaker2000

    i have a problem, when create a floor, i move it under my caracter, but in the 3D view, theres no texture, HELP!

  24. 3kliksphilip

    Well if somebody made a tutorial showing me how to use those programs 😉

  25. 3kliksphilip

    It’s a hobby, I’d rather not be told what to do!

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