Street Operating 16×9 Version #three


Purchase at — Street Running (In HO Scale on The City Edge Layout) This is a VERY High Quality, TOP Level Video Production featuring this HO Scale Model Railroad. Great How To Tips! The Green Screen scenes shown with Keying of real people and objects mixed in with the Layout will blow you away with their realism, imagination, and creative shot angles, some of these shots look almost Full Scale Real the way it was done. You will not be disappointed with this video presentation… Video Features include: A Stunning HO Scale Urban Layout 12 High Quality Train Scenes Authentic Train Sounds in 5.1 Dolby Digital Rail Running with a Mini Cam DCC Tutorial and Layout Wiring Schematic Chroma Keying (Green Screen) for some Breathtaking Super Realistic HO Scenes, you will swear some of these scenes are REAL! ADDED BONUS – “Focus Stacking” for extreme Depth of Field photos! DVD Features: 16×9 WIDESCREEN Format Scene Select Menu Narration ON / OFF Bonus Features: 2 Test Dioramas 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Test Approx. 51 Minutes Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround HO Scale Bonus Features
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. javelin1010

    Incredible painting, weathering and detailing. Kudos.

  2. gobgblu3737

    Sure wouldnt want to live in that city, locos coming down the center of streets, wow you better be on your toes at all times lol!

  3. LordoftheKaty

    MKT!!!!! <3


    / The chrome key program that was used on this video was around $375.00, but that was several years ago. There are many other programs out on the market today at a lower cost and will perform with a better image that what I used or that is what I have been told. I have not needed to green screen any video since I first used this program so I do not have any information on todays “chromakeying” image makers. Sorry I do not have a better answer for you this subject!.

  5. MrMuddshovel

    what can you tell us about the software for green screen ? I experimented with Wax 2.0 but chrome a key is like ? 500$ correct . Is there a product that cost less ? UP


    / Depending on the area of the layout. I use Micro Engineering code 83 bridge track on the elevated lines thru the city. All mainlines are Peco code 83, which I highly recommend as the scale tie plates and correct tie spacing add for incredible realism. All track imbedded in the street is Atlas code 100, and all sidings are Micro Engineering code 70. Hope this helps.

  7. globalvelveta

    this was a layout in model railroader


    I agree. I recently purchased the paragon 2 ac6000cw up #7501. I have a second one on advanced reservation for next year as well. Truly beautiful locomotives. They will pull anything on the layout. Best locos next to brass.


    / The AC6000s are the Paragon series and at this time must have close to a 1,000 hours of run time on the layout. I cleaned the wheels and lubricated the gear train once last year, other than that these engines have been a workhorse and still perform like new, ya gotta love modern technology. That being said I hope they run when I get home,..LoL.


    Is the AC6000CW the Paragon or blueline series from Broadway Limited?


    Is the AC6000CW the Paragon or blueline series from Broadway Limited?


    Is the AC6000CW the Paragon or blueline series from Broadway Limited?


    / Thank You for presenting the facts on the 8 unit lash-up. I was amazed by all the people throwing their arms up saying that it was not a prototypical consist, but then again, they loved it when they got to see it run in person. Actually I do not run 8 unit consist that often and I originally ran it for a “Power” load test for the layout!. Thanks again.

  14. nikosjk1

    @ssute: 8 unit consists are hardly unheard of, alot of times you will see a train with 3 or 2 units online and several more DIT.

  15. gpachoochoo14

    where is street running part 2??


    Interesting how the models were made to appear as the 1950’s era. That is because that era is the best times America ever had. When cars, store fronts, trains and cities has style and flare. Now everything is boring, boring, boring and cookie cutter styling.

  17. mccunecp

    I might be mistaking but I’m sure I saw this in the Model railroader magazine this is sweetie now you need to put that Faller systen on the layout so you can have cars moving a round thats what I want after I saw a large model of there system working I”m just thinking that is double if not tripple the wirieing lol but man this great layout with that as whell wow.


    Yes renotimothy, you are correct!. At the 1:53 mark, all intersection traffic lights should display “Red” when ever the train is occuping the street. Since the taping of this video I have installed a cantilever style crossbuck lights at this intersection to help warn and protect motorists from any collisions with the train (see GMR 2010 or visit the “Gothamcitysub” website) for recent photos of said intersection. Thank You for your comments!.

  19. renotimothy

    Hey I love your layout it is awsome and special effects are cool. But I do have some question please dont take it as critisim but at 1:53 it is not normal for a street signal to display green once the train occupies the street now I understand you not be wired for that but I am assuming the motion sensors I use for my crossing gates could be incorpoarted to make all of the lights go red at intersections on your layout.

  20. falcondrvr200

    go check out some more vids… i’ve seen more than 8 recently. UP/BNSF ect…

  21. SNOSTER1

    very nice,but the graff is not up to par……….SNO,7DS


    / The latest layout plan is illustrated in the new Great Model Railroads 2010, published by Model Railroader Magazine.

  23. Danw182

    Is there a layout plan of this layout available?


    / Thank’s for the comments on my layout. Detailing a city layout is a lot of fun. Sorry you got upset.


    / Can’t say I have ever tried the “asphalt” technique before, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I have ever heard of that type of street installation on a layout either. You’ll need some beefy bench work. If you do, let me know how it goes.

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