Stopmotion Tutorial [community Television]


Stopmotion Tutorial [community TV]

Some time ago, before I knew much of what I know now, the producer for Vids asked me to make a stopmotion tutorial for his show on the local access station I work at. Deadline came up fast and I had to plow through it and use whatever supplies I had. [and yes, I misspelled plasticine] extremely helpful source: —- Excerpts in this tutorial are from my past high school student work. Feel free to check out the following; stopmotion demo reel; “Freatures” “Face” “Magnifying Memory”

  1. Bsjs11345

    Say ariana 10 times clap 5 times post this on two other vids your voice

  2. theKrishnaCpatel

    check out my channe for stop motion animation videos 😀

  3. falcnpunch99

    wow this is really helpful. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my videos. I like to make stop motion as well and just started making videos. If you like what you see, please subscribe 🙂

  4. TiniNormi

    She can manipulate my wire any day.

  5. mofavideo

    thank you, very nice video! good advice !!

  6. MarceloAnimador

    almost never see a girl doing stop motion
    I have 13 years
    how old are you?

  7. heinygore2

    nice video, its a little bit obvious she is reading though haha

  8. zinggblip

    very good totorial , respect ^^

    best from Germany


  9. gatometalico

    m_) YEP , this was the actual treasure. Although I thought you were 60…bad calculations. failed algebra three times in my life and twice geometry. don’t need to go into details..

  10. Eski1240

    am i the only one that dosent use van aken clay?????

  11. Bunechunk

    does anyone here know a good place to find aluminum armature wire in US stores because i dont know where to look besides a craft store ,like Michaels, which i checked only to find they dont carry it.

  12. ruloxmx

    it’s gorgeous merci for this video now i could do many things thanks from mexico

  13. smallvillefan123

    Does anyone know where to get invisible wire to make puppets float?

  14. FloppyMeat

    Is liquid latex a common item that you can buy at a hardware store or any other location I am very curious

  15. peguefogo

    nice tutorial.

  16. khemicalkomixz

    thanks for youre input and time!!

  17. SamCamStudios

    I am trying to see different types of animation and filmmaking and stopmotion/claymation is really interesting to me. Do you have any advice on where to get started?

  18. 0Rohil0

    This is really queit…

  19. karijo

    great thinking. thanks for the tip! 🙂

  20. 2MoonsPromoter

    Haha ;).
    Next time just keep looking at that, since now we see you watching everytime. If you’d keep watching the note you won’t notice that you’re reading.

  21. karijo

    good eye. how about one sheet of paper scribbled with notes taped to the camera?

  22. 2MoonsPromoter

    Do you got a auto-que?
    Cause I see you reading something under the camera everytime. Haha 🙂

  23. Erik113091

    The girl looks eerily like Rose McGowan. . . lol

  24. tdk7086

    you just animated heart

  25. krafty11

    Hey this is a great how to video, I think it will really help beginners (especially kids). For the original poster, have you ever tried using Armaverse armatures? They aren’t cheap but their reasonably priced and they can be easily modified. Glad to see young people are keeping the art alive.

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