Stabilize shaky pictures – Adobe Right after Effects tutorial


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sense of instability? Shaky? sure of himself and his camera skills? Well, as you do not worry because the shitty recordings can be saved with Adobe After Effects, the image stabilization tool. Just pick up two good points and get ready for a long wait. Then, once you fix the cat and watered the plants taken from the field and do not look like a doll … roughly resemble a mannequin, at least. Want to get rid of these tracking markers? spoke of these links? Movember – Twitter – Facebook – Thanks for looking and I realized if you have any questions about mustaches or After Effects. How I can see you know a thing or two about both.
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  1. blaizethefootylegend

    You are not stabilized footage, if you track a moving object! You have made an effect snorricam

  2. BlackNapkin61

    Many useful things here .. thanks for diving TipEin napkins fill a bathtub covered with water, then remove the plug quickly to put his mouth over the spark plug hole and breathing through the overflow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Alias โ€‹โ€‹Richard Dickaka Napkin Digital UK

  3. ECAbrams

    they are safe. I think it’s worth lol.

  4. TomiTapio

    The automatic captions are a bit wobbly, like a 10-word is wrong.

  5. ECAbrams

    Do not worry. Check out the rest of my channel for what I hope, the most useful things ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. XmoDirection

    Thank you soo much! It is very useful! There is always a good idea how to find this tutorial on YouTube! : D

  7. ECAbrams

    They want to break the long sequence of parentheses following the first cuts in separate layers and then each one separately.

  8. XmoDirection

    This tutorial is great! Keep it up, would like to see more! XD One question though, I have a couple of clips, but most of them are very unstable, I’ve edited together, it is not possible, separately for each sub-trackers, the faltering in a video that I edited, should be created?

  9. Greyling Slazenger
    Greyling Slazenger08-06-2012

    Each type of tutorial is simply better with Jack Black environment through it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ECAbrams

    It is a good motto for each super-heroes, I think.

  11. Greyling Slazenger
    Greyling Slazenger08-06-2012

    Only key addition to black, and I think the spring.

  12. Greyling Slazenger
    Greyling Slazenger08-06-2012

    ROFL. Used to force the fuck up Hahahah. I say that from now on in the activation of After Effects. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. seven7years

    Did you say “We will force the fuck up”? haha

  14. ECAbrams

    Poisoned by what? I am confused by the reference here.

  15. 635574

    If you are not stupid, you can explore and find ways to be healthy as opposed to an idiot poisoned.

  16. TheAgenwaras

    Oopss .. my bad. _. Keep On (Y)

  17. ECAbrams

    Fun fact I have a tutorial on this accurately.

  18. ECAbrams

    a good idea, but they are too close together. The more distant from the track points are, the more accurate the move will be.

  19. tenTypWTK

    Why not use the nostrils? : P

  20. TheAgenwaras

    how to get rid of the pink patches :)?

  21. TropiKen

    Well done … Thank you! My projects are my Dell XPS 1080 and is limited to 8 GB. No exchange of the XPS, what would you recommend as the next logical upgrade to shorten my “snack”. After investigation, I’m thinking about the NVIDIA Quadro 4000, because it can lead to the next computer upgrade. What do you think?

  22. macrover180

    Thank you for your answer = D

  23. ECAbrams

    I’ll throw in Moca resorts that do not use the embedded tracker too. Mocha is a different type of monitoring the various uses. If only one point that I would follow you stick with the built-in, but then if you have to follow the ways and forms of mocha I gehen.Fรผr H.264 video encoding with Premiere. The sharpness is probably from my lens and color adjustment. Some codecs are better preserve its clarity, but YouTube will crush its sole discretion tip anyway.

  24. macrover180

    Greetings! In terms of motion tracking, you’ll find it much easier to use the built-in motion tracker, the tracker rather flat Mocha including After Effects? I tried to order the following text to someone with the mocha, but I think I sorted through the object to zero in the data very well, and seemed rather weak, and then everywhere! Another small question: What is what is used to encode the video show? It looks so strong! Thanks for your time! = D

  25. ECAbrams

    so the actual image size is reduced to export? You can have your render Stettin, slightly less than “full” maybe start there?

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