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angryaussie.wordpress.com I get asked a lot how I do the “floaty” impact with my camera where the world appears to move around me. I also get accused occasionally of operating with a greenscreen. So I teamed up with Nick AKA Arthur40TwoDent to show how it really is completed. You’ll have to go and look at Nick’s video to see the whole factor!

  1. AngryAussie

    Sounds like CGI to me

  2. MLMizinthestreet14

    i have a question how about if a person is in one location and then u c a qiuck black screen and then they r in another location??? could u do a video to that and explains how it works??

  3. MLMizinthestreet14

    ok i have a question u no how movies some one is in one place and then it does a quick black screen and then they r in a different location??? could u do a video about how to switch it to another place?

  4. AngryAussie

    I love the effect – it works particularly well with an impressive background

  5. TheFeedski

    Wow, that’s insane how it gives that green screen effect! Kind of makes me dizzy. But I think I am definitely going to buy one soon since you mentioned the cheap steady cam effect. Thanks!

  6. AngryAussie

    Yes, practice using smooth motions and the longer the monopod the smoother it will be.

  7. rukusan

    Tried doing this with my own monopod. I’m guessing this takes a lot of practice to keep it steady?

  8. AngryAussie

    It’s a cathedral

  9. roltthehunter

    That church looks really old and cool. It’s kinda weird i am an atheist but i still like old buildings and a lot of them end up being church’s.

    Is that even a church?. or just a really old building.

  10. AngryAussie

    It would actually be really hard to get this effect with a green screen despite the number of idiots who declare it be green screen.

  11. vickiormindyb

    I’m probably not going to say this right, b/c I’m repeating what someone else said: a friend who’s a professional actor and also understands videography. He even understands IMAX filming but that’s another story.
    I asked him how he knew the difference between a monopod vs. green screen.
    I think he told me that, with a monopod, the world moves around the actor. With a green screen, the actor moves around the screen. There was something about camera angles too, but I didn’t understand it.

  12. AngryAussie


  13. NalaNosivad

    That is SO a greenscreen effect. You can see all of the green on the leaves and stuff towards the end.

    ..Wrong definition of greenscreen? Uh.. so’s your face!

  14. AngryAussie


  15. AngryAussie

    It’s only stupid when some of them argue the point. And some of them do.

  16. vickiormindyb

    My friend, B, thinks it’s silly to accuse someone of doing a green screen effect when it’s obvious they’re not.
    I said “It’s not obvious to ME. Am *I* silly?”
    I was messing with him and he knew it, so he goes “I don’t know. Do you wanna be (silly)?

    He showed me a green screen effect, which improved the background that was already there after being placed under a screen that’s literally green.
    It’s an effect provided by iMovie ’09.

  17. SportsCurry

    lol that’s good to hear.

    I’ve tried your monopod trick with a tripod, but it’s unstable.. it does work decently, but im always scared that the camera will get damaged. However, I am getting a monopod soon, so once i do it I will post a response 😀

  18. AngryAussie

    Yes, the “Mr Angry” character is an act

  19. SportsCurry

    yes but thats only on your show! when I saw Mr Safety’s video with you after the Melbourne As One meet, i realised you may not be as short tempered as i first thought you were. That’s what I meant.

  20. AngryAussie

    I’m frequently rude

  21. SportsCurry

    lol we have quite a bit in common.
    I would usually think a teenager like me would not be able to relate to you, but it’s really cool. almost like a sort of role model in a way, in terms of dedication and your actual lack of rudeness (I saw Mr Safety’s video of you guys in the Great Ocean Rd or something). It’s great. Good work on finding such an innovative mechanism, too.
    And don’t ask what I’m doing up at 3 am. I’m just weird. 😀

  22. AngryAussie

    Hi 5 for cheapness!

  23. SportsCurry

    I’m a cheap bastard, too! YouTube high five

  24. AngryAussie

    Where you effectively project a background that isn’t really there

  25. vickiormindyb

    What’s a green screen?

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