Sony Vegas Tutorial .. a hole in my physique


This tutorial makes use of the techniques of the past 3 to a mini clip of me blowing a hole clear via my body with a “plasma” ball thing to create. To view the preceding courses, verify out the playlist on my channel Video Rating: 4/5

  1. 5271972VN

    His teaching style is so clear and to the point! I love it!

  2. AboutHarlem

    Thank you for your videos

  3. lineyourlogo

    @ Sackboy92 No, just wat i did

  4. GalacticBlaze

    I think almightyseancore only dream of. As soon as you wake up, thank you for your informative tutorials zustimmen.Vielen! Thumbs up!

  5. TITITI707

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  6. c0n0ruw1ls0n

    Hehe, it’s really something

  7. almightyseancore

    @ End MrLinkinboy Trollin ‘that mich.rief your video a “movie” like 80 times. You know what I mean.

  8. almightyseancore

    @ MrLinkinboy Trollin …. Why? He called his video of a “movie” like 80 times!

  9. almightyseancore

    Filmmakers @ MrLinkinboy many still use film. Film cameras are still made, and the film is available in color over 100 years …

  10. almightyseancore

    I was told that there is a difference between film and video …. How do I look like “they know nothing about technology”?

  11. AdroidNSymbian

    You know, this comment makes you sound like a very old man, knowing nothing about technology

  12. MrSwarleye

    hahah geek who the hell cares?

  13. Armorith

    I would like to hear your voice, I’m going to use your assigned tutorial, which is good (=

  14. Wizard101Bros

    I can do this with my pants or what? u:

  15. SonicMoose1999

    12:00 How to make the mucus-effect?

  16. MrPivis16

    Excellent instruction! Man

  17. Moronmaster

    You can use the same method to add a bullet with blood effect / bloody hole, the hole instead of realistic normal?

  18. funnykidzz135

    0:30 funny laugh

  19. ZGrind94

    richw4 answer, please! Can you do this so that your entire body in a sense, you feel like a ghost? I was hoping that it can be a group of friends so few by lifting objects in my room, but the other poltergeist video tutorial was to deceive good. It’s just a matter of curiosity 🙂 Thanks!

  20. Zisaar

    = 0:31)

  21. Zisaar

    Who the hell cares

  22. almightyseancore

    Id say no. I call them movies. The use of digital photography “movie” is like calling the CD “bands”.

  23. richw4

    that’s OK, but … note that the films’ as Avatar and many more are ‘shot’ … Network cameras in that digital recording is not the “movie” need to call Avatar, a movie or not? 🙂

  24. almightyseancore

    the fact that you say, “movie” to keep me from going crazy. They shot this video with … This is a guide for non-linear editing software … not use Film.Ich not want to sound rude or troll, I like listening to the users of YouTube are related to his work as a movie, when it is clearly nicht.vielen Thanks for the insight, though!

  25. Hannahfannahmiley

    Tome was a sneeze: cousin o ‘the mucus in the beginning ….

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