Sony Vegas: How Amazing Intros + Twitch / Move effects make!



background textures! This is a basic tutorial on how you will make a cool intros for your videos with Sony Vegas. This is my second tutorial introduction to the first position on this link to also see how to use the same effect in Adobe After Effects to move footage of speech, sound effects and music: * www. REMEMBER * Making introductions interesting has to do with creativity, you can always change something and a little spice to make it better + plus to fit your video better. If you do not understand everything, then feel free to comment and I’ll comment as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy this! There will be many more tutorials to come, so stay tuned! If you have any idea of ​​tutorials that I should not hesitate to send a message. Follow us! https

Please read below: Check out Gaming Edition Reg PVR vs HD here: presents How to configure the Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition and how to best YouTube video. * Vegas Pro 9.0c USE! * Be sure to capture the gameplay to the Playstation store, even if you play on the Xbox. Vegas strip m2ts files to MP4. (If you understand the value of Xbox, will only see the top of the video, if you drop the video in Las Vegas.) * If you have not seen the preview of the game Archsoft or your HDTV, read updated the drivers who had the console to 720p HD set. Updated drivers can be found here: * Connecting via component cables and have a HDTV to record in HD. The only other option is to buy a converter HDMI to component cable … * Finally, if the video is completely yielded a little choppy, change the speed of processing frames at 60 fps. This is for the video of the first-person shooter Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc to regular updates in the world of Hauppauge. ————————————————– ————————— Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my main channel: Subscribe to my second channel: My Facebook:
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  1. michealmyers200

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  3. xikuhhhh

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  4. kevsz14

    How can you have a custom template to Vegas Pro 9, or is it just Adobe AE?

  5. SOLVEDdude

    how to see the text as the beats like a heart but return?

  6. MegaMultiapple

    Sellin bra u?

  7. uuhDino

    <3 for Windows 98

  8. TheDerkGem

    In the “vertical?” and “horizontal?” There should be a clock image. Click on both, and displayed.

  9. muchamariam1

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  10. TheBigDolphin1

    Guys, for those of you that a picture in the FX menu events fail to hold down the CTRL key while you are in effect! : D

  11. TheBigDolphin1

    WTF is it you …

  12. tehubernoob2023

    even if I move the focus back to 0, which is still there

  13. tehubernoob2023

    The same: (

  14. tehubernoob2023

    I can not zoom, in part, without problems

  15. xXGreenXx90

    How I can get these poor tone at the end of the clip in the beginning, if a card is going crazy and blurs

  16. muchamariam1

    Does anyone know where I can find the effects of fire I burn my grandma: D

  17. webmasterfnl

    make the clock logo

  18. minifig65

    TV sounds static search on Google: D

  19. alva0908

    How I can get the shhhhh sound like the beginning?

  20. alva0908

    Sony Vegas 8, it is just a Google search

  21. alva0908

    6:42 a.m. I do not understand that the bar ypou choose where to start, the effect is

  22. gutixsk8

    I downloaded this program can

  23. PingDaiPong

    Program, what should I use to make an intro? Well im a beginner … maybe this could help ^ ^

  24. xPetek Alen
    xPetek Alen06-12-2012

    can u do basic introductory tutorial with sound and all that with a download link so we can make our own introduction?

  25. yugeuqinu

    lol I did not even light up, conencts the software but does not even appear in the software. Screens are only black, R & everythings plugged carrying mined, so you can HDMI cable for your information in increasingly worse fit idea, because it is completely different from before.

  26. SollieStudios

    @ JackatronPSG the Hauppauge website is the best place to get

  27. JackatronPSG

    Where is the best place or the place to get the Hauppauge?

  28. XxIAmRedeemedxX

    What’s going on with Sony Vegas Pro 11?

  29. LikeAcefighter

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  30. XxIAmRedeemedxX

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  31. WeAreAquatic

    I have clips in MP4 and will not upload to YouTube. Is there a way to M2TS, he can be uploaded to YouTube can convert.

  32. MasterSammyBoy96

    Link-editing software?

  33. XxUnavoidablexX


  34. UrbanCP

    wow, it became very, very blurry, which I do

  35. the0US0marine


  36. MrRiklord

    SONY Vegas Pro is included in the edition of HD-PVR games?

  37. MrRiklord

    What do you mean?

  38. TheFrostSupremacy

    We only have this today. It does not work. Hauppauge shit.

  39. Gagliano17

    yes sir

  40. PatchTesterHD

    It componenet D-line?

  41. Gagliano17

    Adjustments to your PlayStation where you put the component after the component selected, displays all the supported resolution you have it right in 1080 that displays 1080i, then it will work: D

  42. PatchTesterHD

    How I can do?

  43. Gagliano17

    Set the PS3 to 1080i insteat of P, not the wires of a draft put it in 1080 with the work of 1080i, it will still 1080, but lost a bit of color think anything really upset.

  44. PatchTesterHD

    my picture is blurry on my computer and PS3 in the game. I have the same configuration as you. What I can do?

  45. NLGamingNation

    ¿I can use this in an Xbox Elite PVR

  46. Seif97ify

    Answer each one! I conected my HD PVR to my TV and PS3, but if I was in RBY game or whatever, the screen, refuse, garbage is seriusly its blue / green lines when I play MW3. HELP! -. –

  47. SirSexyJ

    How I can get sony vegas 9.0?

  48. BHKGaming

    I need help with this! I connected the HD PVR, but if I go to the capture window, the colors in the preview window are entirely on what was on TV! I searched for hours for a response and it seems that no one else has this problem. You may know what is causing it? If the cable is defective?

  49. billy Akritidis
    billy Akritidis06-12-2012

    I like this video

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